Sunday, November 9, 2014

A Few of my Favorite Things

I had kinda had a bummer morning.  We looked at the weather forecast and realized that our cement pouring window had closed.  Dave assures me there is still a very long list of things we can accomplish with out the cement, but the major downside is that if our house does ever sell we don't know where to store our stuff.  We had always planned to put it in our garage.  I know, be patient, have faith, I am trying.  We ended up separating and castrating cows yesterday.  Working with cows is one of my favorite things and it did cheer me up.

Leah took all the photos for me.  She had gone back in the house to switch her glasses and I asked her to grab the camera.

This looks like we were just watching Dave do all the work:)

The kids got right in there. Blake was a little nervous but they had fun.  I think a little nervous is healthy. They worked all day. We started about 9ish and were done at around 6.  We took a lunch break and worked on the house for a few hours while Jared got some more castration bands.  Then back to cows.

Cora's favorite kitten is Shadow.  This is not Shadow.  

Leah loved herding the cows into the squeeze.  She did lots also but had put the camera away.

It was a fun day.  Nice weather. Working with my family.  My favorite thing.


  1. Your dad would be so proud of you Davey and Jared and all the hard work you are doing on the farm. He would have loved to be right in there with you. Looked like a summer day. Enjoyed the pictures of the old homestead barn.

  2. Leah took some great pictures. The picture of Cora with the kitty is beautiful! Looking forward to coming home to the farm on the 19th to see everyone. Good luck with selling one home and the building of the other.

  3. Darn the weather. Thank havens for Dave's optimism.