Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Tiny Branch

When Dave got called as a High Councillor, we planned on going on assignment with him when we could.  One place we wanted to go to for sure was the Branch.  We usually attend their sacrament meeting when we are on our way through for vacation.  This time we wanted to stay for the entire thing.  It was amazing how tiny is was.  There was 25 people there.  That included the 5 of us. (I think there were a few out in the hall)  Dave had early morning meetings before hand.  We needed to get up at 5:30 in order to make it. While he was in meetings the girls worked on their family history booklets and they all did some exploring.  It really was the neatest tiny church ever.  The kids enjoyed meeting other people in the stake.  We had heard that they did a potluck after on High Council Week, since they are so far away.  We had brought a salad just in case. After we could smell delicious smells, but still were not really sure what was happening.  Then one of the presidency said they usually have potluck but the only thing people had brought were meat and a dessert.  Dave told them I had a salad and they thought that was perfect. I had brought some Christmas Oranges for us to eat on the way home if we weren't staying.  I also got those and peeled and sectioned them.  It was a great little branch.  It was fun to see how you can make things work even with a small number.  On the way home we stopped at the falls.  They were so beautiful.

We got home just in time to have a quick bit to eat, then I took the girls up to Bishop's Youth Discussion.  This was the first one in this ward.  I was so glad that they all attended and had such a great time.  I was very happy to sit in the car and read a book by myself.  I had just spent 4 hours in a car with my children.  Being by myself with a book was awesome. :) I took some hot chocolate and a blanket.  The girls had such a great time.  We have such great youth.  Made it home just in time for bed.  Blake and Dave watched a movie while we were gone.  What a fabulous Sunday.


  1. I have fond memories attending that ward with dad when he was on the high council. I think their numbers have grown, I don't remember there ever being 25 people.

  2. You always have such a wonderful way of describing the happenings of your life, it makes me want to be a fly on the wall in your life. For instants I would have shown up to the meeting with the bishop with squealing tires frustrated and nothing do let alone drink. I love how prepared and organized you are.