Monday, October 6, 2014

World Wide Conference

This past weekend was our World Wide General Conference.  I love this weekend that we get in April and October to listen to our living prophet and apostles today.  It is 4 two hour sessions.  Two on Saturday and two on Sunday.  Such inspiring messages.  I really look forward to it.  Early Saturday morning Blake ran into our room and jumped into the air with both hands up and shouted, "Conference!!" The girls worked on their rainbow loom bracelets again.  Blake did some Lego.  Dave streamed it to his phone so he could keep working on the house as he was listening.  One sessions I started some boot cuffs for Leah.  Cora made a felt Batman and set him up next to the TV so he looked like he was singing with the Tabernacle Choir. Sunday morning the bishop had asked us all to go to the church for that one session. But no matter how we get it, it is always amazing. Truly wonderful men that guide our church under the direction of Jesus Christ. If you google and go to general conference.  The Sunday afternoon session, last speaker was given by David A. Bednar.  He was speaking to the non-members in the world about why we share The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints with others.  Excellent talk. If anyone has ever wondered about our church, that is a great place to find out what we are all about.

I have made some hand outs to help motivate the Young Women to work on their Personal Progress. I will give out one every few weeks, maybe once a month or something.  Found a great site with most of them, made up a few on my own.  I have gotten all their numbers so I can remind them of activities or just send them a message.   We are digging potatoes for the food bank this week.  Before I sent out the reminder I went thro the Personal Progress and wrote down every goal that they could cross off or use part of for this activity.  Then I let them all know in the reminder text.  Hoping to really light the fire of Personal Progress with them.
I went to check cows for Dave when he was at the Priesthood Session Saturday evening.  One the way home I saw one of my favorite sites.  I love the combines all out in the field working with the lights on at night.  A true country scene.  I ran in the house and grabbed Cora's camera, over to our house and climbed up on top.  It was dark of course and I could not figure out how to get her camera set on night setting.  So if you are a country girl like me you can just imagine how beautiful this should be.

October is Rett month.  We made sure to get our purple on.  Leah is having me make her purple boot cuffs so she can wear all purple to school some day soon.  Leah had written Rett on her nails, but they got scratched off and she decided to go with the paint spilling look instead.  Cora wants to get some of those plastic bracelets made next year.  I have heard you can get tons for not to much money, then we can give them out around the schools and such.  Rett Syndrome generally only affects girls.  At this time there is no cure.  You can google it and read all about it, and donate if you wish.  I have a beautiful niece with Rett.  She is such a happy girl.  Four days younger than Blake, she is nine.  She can't talk, or be potty trained.  She is high functioning and can walk, but lots are in wheel chairs and have feeding tubes.  My sister said it is like having an 18 month old forever.  Get your purple on and support Rett. 


  1. I am so far behind so this will be for all. I agree I love me some conference. Thanks for the info on October and Rett's will have to see what I can do. Thanks for catching up in Us in a nut shell. So love hearing about your you and your family is doing.

  2. It was wonderful to be with your family for all of Conference. I didn't want the talks to quit. Such an inspiring two days!