Thursday, October 9, 2014

Second Floor Going Up

Dave took a week off to get some things rolling on the house.  We have got some back filling started.  Finally we have heard back from the insurance company, the septic people, cement and plumbing. We have been emailing and adjusting with the window and door place. Now that is complete and I will order those next week.  We have been blessed with amazing weather for the week.  I really hope it holds for a bit longer.  We really hope to have enclosed by first snowfall.  Blake found a great hat to wear one chilly evening.

Yeah, that's a neck warmer, but it works! I told him I was loving the hat and shorts together.

The kids love walking around on top and hanging out.  They are so confident up there some times it makes me nervous.  I keep telling them every step has to be thought out, I don't want them slipping on screws or saw dust, and they need to know where every single person is at all times. It is a very big drop.  I know, they think I'm crazy.

  We have found two jobs that Leah loves to do.  Will jump right to it with out even being asked.  She absolutely loves to screw the floor boards in and she love to wash the windshield of the Tahoe at the gas station. Wish I could figure out the magic and transfer it to room cleaning.  It is almost her turn to use the drill, so she decided a dance was needed.

Cora was helping lots, but one day she had homework.  She still wanted to hang out with us, so she brought it to the house.

It really is too bad that we have to pay our bills and eat.  I could totally hang out with Dave all day and love it.  It has been fun to build our house together while the kids are at school and spend some time with just us.  Almost feel like we have been on a vacation.  Almost:)


  1. The house is looking good! How wonderful to work on it all together.

  2. I am so excited to see the progress on your house. Cant wait to see it all together. You and me both right.