Monday, October 20, 2014


Friday after school, we had an early dinner.  Then the girls and I headed out to my parents house.  We were attending the Super Saturday in their ward and did not want to get up super early.  As it turned out, their local library was showing Million Dollar Arm.  I had wanted to see this, so we went down.  It was a good show.  I will have Dave see it when it comes into the library, but not sure I would watch it again.  For sure never buy.   We stayed up way to late talking, it was great.  The next morning when we got to the church we realized that the girls class did not start until 11:30.  They were going to ride horses afterwards, but then we thought it would be best to have them go before.  They loved it. I guess Leah got a little stuck in the tree.  Her horse was tying to eat over there or something.  Wish I could have gotten a picture of that.:)  Back to the church, we ate lunch, and then they made a wooden tree.
Good thing they rode the horsse before, because after we barely had time to get back home and pack a quick picnic to feed Dave and Blake.  Afterwards we came back to the house and Jason gave us a presentation on his time working on the Calgary Temple.  It was really nice.  He did an excellent job and it was very interesting.  A lot of really wonderful experiences he had.  Sunday we had a stake youth fireside.  This one was centered around family history work.  The stake issues a challenge to all the youth to find their own family names and take them to the temple as part of the spring young conference on March 20 and 21.  When we were told the date we were just sick.  Cora had such a wonderful time at the last youth conference.  It is such a great testimony building experience and it help to get to know everyone in the stake.But that is the weekend of her drama performance.  She is required to be at the school from 8am-11pm both days.  So she can not even slip in for part of it.  We were so sad.

The dogs had been barking all day.  Emry came over and said they had got a raccoon cornered.  I had never seen a raccoon before and was quite excited.  On the way out to the fireside, we drove past them and got a few pictures.  It was a little bigger than I had though  Kinda neat tho.


  1. Leaving mom's last weekend after the turn at the top of the hill we almost hit a family of raccoons!

  2. Well that is interesting. All the years of living on the farm, we never had any encounters with raccoons ever. Lots of badgers but never a raccoon. That is something new for the farm I guess.

  3. I am in love with the tree. Cool to see the raccoon. Good size. Tuckers dog got two skunks this summer. I would take a raccoon anytime. Sorry to hear about youth conference.