Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Meet Amy

Amy arrived almost a week faster than we had anticipated.

Leah wanted the doll with earrings.  It came with one pair in and six additional pairs.

Beautiful red curly hair, blue eyes and the earrings.

I told Leah I wanted a shot with her introducing Saila and Amy to each other.  Leah said, 'They already know each other.  They both used to attend West High, but then Saila's family moved here.  They have kept in contact with each other and now Amy's family has moved.  They are both gymnastics majors and this is a good place to learn."  Apparently Leah has thought about this a little bit:)  Dave asked, "So, gymnastics is a major now?"

So excited.  Leah did a lot of chores and babysitting to earn this.  She was very happy that she did not have YW yesterday, so she could stay home and play with her new doll. Cora is excited because now they can play together.  And yes I am totally aware of the strangeness that my girls in YW are playing with dolls.  Oh well!!

At 6:10 this morning Blake yells down the stairs. "Cora!.......Cora!!!"
"Hmmmm.  Whaaa"
"Mom says that we don't have to get up until 6:30 today"


  1. So cute! I love dolls - and don't think there is anything weird about your girls playing with dolls ;) I hope Cadence will love dolls too. To funny Blake waking up Cora to tell her she didn't need to wake up yet!

  2. I don't think its strange either!!! I remember playing barbies even when I was in Junior high!! Then it was more about coordinating outfits than making them talk!!!!

  3. Fun. Mckenna has been asking for an American Doll too.

  4. Oh to be young again! I don't thinks its weird. I was in YW and playing with dolls. Well the beehive years lets clear that up. Not all the YW years. That would be weird.

  5. I love that Blake woke up Cora to tell her that she didn't have to wake up yet!!!
    I also love that your girls love to play with dolls, I think it is a blessing that they don't want to grow up too fast plus they are honing their mothering skills including sewing cloths for them. Pretty remarkable