Saturday, May 24, 2014


My husband is pretty much the awesomest person ever.  He has recently got a promotion at work. Quite a big one.  He is excited about the new challenge, but it has been a LOT of work.  Many, many overtime hours talking to people all over the world, sorting things out.  I asked him to give me some things that I could do around here to lighten his load.  So he wrote up a list like I asked.  Ever year my awesome husband gets our yard summer ready, then the kids and  I keep it up.  Seriously I did not realize how much he did. And what a boring, hot, tedious, long, mundane job it is.  He picks all the weeds out of our gravel by hand, and stick too. I grew up picking up sticks around our house and in the fields.  I hated it.  I would way rather do it there then in the rocks.  He turns over all the soil in the garden and flower beds.  Sprays round up and gets the mowers ready.  He makes it looks so easy.  He said I could sand the ceiling in prep to paint.  Lets remember that my husband it a foot and a half taller than me.  He moves a stool around with his foot from place to place and sands.  I have to climb a ladder, do a bit, down, move ladder, back up, do a bit on and on.  Takes forever.  Again looks easy when he does it.  We are not big soccer people, but it is Blake's sport of choice.  He loves it above all else.  Every game that Dave does not have high council he is there.  I know he is thinking of the never ending list of things he could be doing, but he know it is important to Blake so he attends.  He knows there will always be work but not always a little boy that wants his Dad at his games.  Dave is an awesome Dad.  We were talking about the word busy the other day and both agreed that we really don't like the word.  We are not busy, just have a lot going on.  Yet everything we do is a choice.  We chose to put Blake in soccer, we chose to run cows, we chose to build a house, we chose to say yes to our church callings.  It kinda bugs me when people tell me how busy they are, or that they think we are busy.  This is our life decisions.  If we can't manage them we need to scale back or make different choices.  Dave is very good at managing his time.  He really is awesome.  He love his children and shows it.  He loves me.  That is not always easy.  I may be a little opinionated:)  He loves the farm and working with his hands. He loves his siblings and mom.  I know he misses his dad very much, he had a great example there. I'm not sure how I got lucky enough to be chosen by him, but he is my Mr. Awesome. 

We spent the day helping my mom serve a luncheon for 100 people today.  She asked that the girls and I come help.  Blake came also.  He cut up a ton of green onions, very teary eyed he asked grandpa if he could have another job for a while.  After we went and watched the cousins briefly play Youth Day.  I miss Youth Day.  It was always such a highlight.  I told the kids how I used to roll down this big hill.  They decided they need to give it a try.  A few times.  Dresses and all.
Cora is the only one that likes apple juice in the family.  I keep it for when we are sick and for her to drink.  The other day she put it in the freezer and we forgot about it.  Leah had a straw from a birthday party (I never buy straws, they irritate me) so Cora took it and had her own personal giant drink box. 

We ordered Leah's doll the other day.  As agreed we paid the shipping.  I knew to Canada it was going to be a bit, that is why we said we would.  Turns out it was 3X what I had thought it would be.  A few days later Leah was excited to share the news with her dad.
Dave: Leah you know that doll cost us more to get here then it did for us to bring you home from the hospital.
Leah: Really?
Dave: Yes, she cost more to get home than you did
Char: Yeah, but Leah definitely costs more now.
Dave: That is because we are buying her dolls.

Sorry my posts have been so long lately.  I try to sum up.  Maybe I should blog more often.  Hope I have not bored anyone to tears.


  1. Loved this post! I think he is pretty awesome too. Congratulations Leah for earning your new doll. I loved the rolling down the hill picture. That was one of my favorite things to do. Broke my arm doing that very thing when I was little. Grandma P.

  2. What a nice tribute to your hubby. He's lucky to have you too! You guys are a perfect match. I'd love to see Leah's new doll - you'll need to post some pictures - just for me!

  3. Yes, you have an awesome hubby , Charmaine. He is very much his dad. It makes me miss David even more when you write about Davey. Yes, our busyness is our choice. I love reading your blogs. Love, Aunt Sheila

  4. First of all I want to say thank you for being a good example. Such kind words and complements you speak of your husband. I think you are BOTH lucky to have one another. Sense mom lost dad I constantly get reminded to not take Randan for granted. I agree on your choices and how they can fiil your life if you let them. Rolling down steep hill's was an awesome summer activity. The juice box and doll story cracked me up, I agree on the straws. thanks for sharing.