Monday, May 5, 2014

Cinco de Mayo

Love me a good taco.
When I saw these mint chocolate chip cupcakes on Pinterest the icing was made to look like ice cream on top.  That is actually what drew me to them.  But in order to make that shape I had to put on so much icing that it made me a little nausea just to think about eating it.  It was suggested to make a chocolate ganache to fill it and I did.  Very good, but not sure I like the mini chips in my icing.  (Which is strange because I love the cookie dough brownies I make???) I may just stick with mint chocolate chip ice cream:)

We had a spectacular weekend.  It was cold and a little snowy. Friday we went up to celebrate Emry's upcoming birthday.  Nice evening there.  Saturday Dave got the kitchen and eating area ceiling scrapped.  We ran into town and got the trim for the basement.  Back again to drove Cora off to a movie and me to a baptism.  Then back later to pick her up.  Sunday was off to Calgary for Cadence's blessing.  It was a beautiful blessing and really nice to be together with everyone afterwards.  Right after school today, Leah got right in and did some chores voluntarily.  She mowed front and back, weed wiped, swept the cement pad and picked up sticks.  She has been working so hard and doing so good we have decided to pay the shipping for her on the doll.  Maybe a couple more weeks and she will be able to order it.  Just as she was done mowing and we sat down to eat we saw this wonderful rainbow out our window.  Not very often you see the whole arch.
If I zoomed to close you couldn't see the whole thing.  Look close.  You could see every color.  What an amazing world we live in.  In all its beauty.

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