Monday, May 19, 2014


I'm Baaaack!!  Thanks to Myrna we have a keyboard again.  She had an old one hanging around. I really was not looking forward to shopping for one since I don't know that much about them.  Here is a little synopsis of what has been going on.  Cora had track and field.  She did well. One first, two Seconds, and one Third.  Cora does not really enjoy track and did not want me taking any pictures.  Blake is still going strong in soccer.  He plays quite well and really loves it.  Leah had her talent show.  A month ago they had try outs and she was very excited to hear she got in. Leah and her friends have been spending many noon hours practicing.  There was another friend on the keyboard but I couldn't fit her in the picture with them. Of course they played and sang 'Let it Go' from Frozen:)  Leah had a sore throat and was not happy with her performance, but I thought they did very well. Also this week Kristin had her baby girl.  I have a new little niece named Ava.  Can't wait to meet her.
After school Thursday I took the kids shopping for summer clothes.  I was getting very frustrated not being able to find long enough shorts and dresses for them.  When we got home I checked out the J C Penny and Target sites.  Both had long shorts.  I had planned on maybe going state side on the holiday Monday, but it said all sales ended Sunday night.  Dave was at the farm so I called and talked to him about it.  I met him at work early in the morning to get a note to take the kids across the border. (He was not able to come with us)  As soon as Cora got home from seminary we left.  I was very pleasantly surprised how well they all traveled.  Leah and Blake had been at each other for two days before hand, and I was nervous to stick them in a car together.  It was a very successful trip.  I was a little nervous since my phone does not work in the states.  I had no way of contacting anyone if anything went wrong, but we made it. Cora did not find any shorts ordresses, but we got everything else we needed.  Blake only got a little cranky during the girls swimsuit shopping.  Understandably. Cora found one dress that she loved.  I really did not like it that much until she put it on.  It was the perfect dress for her.  Made for her.  Only it was an inch to short.  The dress had a handkerchief hem and so you could barely tell, but it was.  To put a lengthening thing on would have ruined it.  It killed us to walk away from that dress:(  The next day we attended a Jamberry Party at Rachel's.  Cutest nail stuff ever.  So many many cute designs.  I would have loved to have gotten at least 8 of them.  Since Lalainia was down for the Jamberry party we all went to the farm for dinner Sunday.  It was a very delicious dinner, and we stayed way to late talking with everyone.  It is a good thing that today is a holiday.  We may not have made it up in time for anything.  We had a pretty rough night.  Dave had really bad heartburn and couldn't sleep, he thinks he had too much rich cheesecake.  I started to not feel well and threw up, a couple hours later finally got back to sleep.  Perfectly fine this morning it was weird.  Leah had a bad dream and couldn't get back to sleep.  Cora thinks she was over tired.  She said she was staring at the ceiling at 1:30 wondering why in the world she was awake.  Blake slept peacefully all night long.  Anyways we had a little sleep in this morning.

Dave has been working hard on getting this ceiling fixed.  Last week we got it all scrapped.  He did a lot of it Saturday then headed to the farm to check cows.  I was hoping to get the rest done as a surprise for him and had just finished when he pulled up. My big projects today were to clean the shower, the oven, and Leah's room.  We have figured Leah does get her room clean it is just a very different system then mine.  Same end resultt.  I am trying to let her find her own way of doing things but it takes sooooo much longer it is frustrating.  But after a couple hours she did get it done today.

Dave was not satisfied how this was fixed the first time.  He said it had a sag in it.  When he is done the ceiling we will paint walls, spray the ceiling and put up the trim in the basement.  Then the For Sale sign goes up.  Kinda a scary thought.  After the kids got their chores done, they have been painting, jumping on the tramp in the rain, and playing games together.

Now I just have to decided what to do my lesson on for FHE tonight.  Hummmm???


  1. Darn about Cora's dress. Have you ever seen those slip extenders? They are perfect if you have a dress that's just a tad too short. She might be able to find a really cute dress at my Lularoe party on Friday night:) Exciting that Kristen had a little girl.

  2. WOW! There is so much crammed in this post I am not sure on what to comment on first. It is hard to find anything modest. It seems to get harder and harder. I wish I could have seen the dress you walked a way form. I would have been fun to see. Good luck with selling your house. That can be scary. If you go to your Mother and Fathers house while Grandma and the Aunts are there say hi to everyone. I am excited to hear all the story's.