Saturday, May 10, 2014

Funeral for a Ruler and Beyond 5

A few days ago, Cora came home from school in a really giggly mood.  Her best friend has had the same ruler for years at school and the other day it broke.  Meghan was pretending to cry about it, Cora was sniffling with her and said we should have a funeral.  The teacher left the classroom and a few minutes later came back with a shovel and a box.  He wiped the blackboard clean and started making lists.  He assigned a priest, pallbearers, and someone to do the eulogy.  They all went to the back of the school, dug a hole and had a funeral for the ruler.  Cora said it was the funnest spur of the moment thing.  The whole class really got into it and had all these crazy things to say about this ruler.  It was one of those moments where I just shook my head at her and hope she always remembers the crazy, wacky things she did growing up.  I love that the teacher got right into with everyone and played along.  I love that her friends do stupid things and make each other laugh. She is building memories.

Tuesday the Junior High/High School and Grade 6 students had a band come to the high school.  I had not heard of them before.  It was the group Beyond 5.  The girls loved their music.  Cora said they all seemed pretty young, then one of them said something (for the life of her she can't remember what, sure wish she did) and Cora thought, that is not something normal people say.  Whatever is was made her sure that they were LDS.  It was a great concert, afterwards Cora and Leah got to meet them and chat with them for a while.  Cora wasn't brave enough to ask, last time she did it didn't go well, so she had Tyson ask if they were LDS.  Turns out 4 of the 5 are.  They are from Utah and California.  They had to audition for this group.  The man putting it together wanted to have an uplifting boy band for people to listen to.  Not just do christian music, but sing all over.  Beyond 5 has recently got back from a tour in Asia.  They said they start each morning with a devotional and end the day with prayer.  Blake had walked over so he could walk home with his sisters after school. They were all still there. Blake is very chatty with strangers and he also talked with them for a few minutes. When the band found out that the three they were talking to were also from the same church, they invited them to attend a fireside they were doing that evening.  Cora really really wanted to go.  I was very tempted to take them, but they had YW's that night.  Kinda wish I would have taken them tho.  They also gave a concert last night in town, but Cora had her first youth conference this weekend and couldn't go again.

Cora has not been to excited to go to the youth dances.  She has only been to one since she turned 14.  Last night she was getting really nervous and kinda silly since she didn't want to go.  She ended up having a super time.  She was a little sad that no one asked her to dance.  I guess everyone just does a big group dance, not really asking any one particular, except the slow dances.  There is our stake and another that get together for the Youth Conference.  She got back at midnight and left this morning again at 7.  Cora was really excited to go back again today.  Blake has gone to the farm with Dave and Leah is supposed to be doing chores.  So far not much there.  She is going babysitting for a few hours this afternoon, then to the stake center for a song practice.  I have a lot of Primary stuff to do.  I am making invites for Priesthood Preview and a stake Activity Day Girls event coming up.  Making lots of phone calls about both of those.  Getting ready for the Mother's Day activity we are doing for Sharing Time tomorrow.  Plus run, laundry, and clean house.  But I will have hours of quiet all by myself this afternoon.  Oh what to do.....??  I just got a book called 'Secrets from a Hutterite Kitchen' that I am anxious to start.  Perhaps if everything else gets done I can do that:)

I hope everyone has a really wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!!

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  1. It was all over facebook that Wayne Burton and Beyond 5 performed at the the Yates on Friday. I guess it was really good. What a great teacher to join along in the fun!