Monday, March 3, 2014

Another Week at Our House

Monday:  Just your typical Monday.  Basketball practice for Cora, then games for Leah, Cora and I.  FHE and bed.
Tuesday:  A month ago Dave was called and invited to attend Cubs with Blake.  They were going to start working on their Kub Kars.  Blake has been so so excited about this.  Dave forgot for a few minutes and told Jared he would take the cows to auction that night.  He quickly remembered and decided to leave work early and take one load then Jared took the second.  I was going to help him in the morning but I had dental appointments that day and piano in the afternoon, so I couldn't go up at all.  Dave meet us at the church, I had packed him dinner.  The assistant cub leader is also the shop teacher at the high school.  Every one went there to work on their cars.  Very convenient:)  Blake has relished every moment he has got to spend with his dad this week working on this car.  They browsed the internet looking for cars they liked and have been working on it a little every day.  Dave really is having him do most of it.  He said he did not want to be one of those dads that everyone jokes about.
Wednesday:  I did a ton of baking.  3 batches of rolls for Saturday, cookies and brownies for the next day.  Cora had her final practice.  Dinner, then we went to see the Harlem Crowns.  All the basketball players were required to sell tickets to this event.  (Fourth fundraiser since the New Year.  I am beginning to feel a little tapped out) We got them weeks ago.  Blake did not want to sit through yet another basketball game.  I tried to explain to him many times that this was really funny and he would enjoy it.  But not until they started did he get it.  All the kids loved it.  Blake won a water bottle.  Dave had meetings and was not able to come.  Such a great event for the school.  
Thursday: During scriptures at 6 in the morning, Cora told me that she had volunteered me to make buns for the tournament Friday.  I did not have a 2 hour span at home to make buns, but she really wanted them home made.  So I started buns at 6:15am.  Nice!  I got my house all cleaned and ready for a girls luncheon with my Mom, Kristin, Natalie, and Nicole.  Taylor and Kristin had come up for a few days.  We all had a few gifts we wanted to give her for the new baby girl arriving soon.  The boys went off to Ag-Expo (all but Ben) and the girls stayed at my house for lunch and opening gifts.  The boys got back about 2ish.  Usually my family rushes back home to get things done, but this time they were able to stay and hang out for a couple of hours.  I was so glad they did.  I really enjoyed the time we had together.  We did miss you tho Kita:(
Friday: Final Basketball Tournament for Cora, Leah and I.  Basketball has kept us very much on the run the last 4 months, but I am really going to miss it.  Can't wait till next season already.

Cora getting all taped up for her final game.

They lost the first game and won the second.

Leah did well this year.  She is fast and has got a great shot.  She is looking forward to some real ball next year.

Saturday: Dave went to the farm.  I guess between everyone they broke the water for the bulls like three times.  It was soooo cold.  The bails were frozen solid to the ground.  Cora had her final game and Blake had a birthday party.  Late in the afternoon we loaded up another load of boxes to store at my parents house and headed out to have dinner with everyone before Taylor left.  We had all fasted the week before hand so we ate and chatted.  Cannon was trying some gymnastics moves with Cora.  That was entertaining for me.  I guess earlier they had had a plank challenge and some other stuff.  I have to get working on it, we are doing it again this summer I am told.
Sunday:  A nice quiet day.  Church, reading, puzzles, and a movie.

And there you have a typical week at our house.

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  1. Are you tired? I'm tired for you! Sounds like a great week. Nice you were able to have a lunch for your family.