Monday, March 10, 2014

I like it-I like it not

I am going to end on a positive note, so I will do the like it not first.  
Daylights savings time.  Really wish the government would ask my opinion on this.  Hard to believe they haven't yet.  Especially daylight savings on the Sunday that we have early morning meetings.  My kids sure loved getting up yesterday.  (That is strong sarcasm.)  
I really don't like confrontational conversations. Needed to have a few lately.
Not having a working printer at home is annoying.  I have to email everything to Dave so he can bring it home to me. Sharing Time, recipes, FHE lessons.  I have to plan way ahead and can't just sit down and finish something.
Not really enjoying this packing.  I have to decide what we can get away with not using for the next year and a half. (Hopefully that is all, never know what is going to happen)  What we are going to need at the temp house and what we need right now to leave out.  My sister has moved a couple of times this way.  Maybe I should have her come pack it all for me.
Like its:  Snicker doodle muffins.  I can make a lot of things.  Cake, cookies,soup, main dishes, appetizers, pie, pie I am amazing at.  Said with the up most humility of course:).  I can even do souffle and creme brulee.  Pretty much anything. But for some reason my muffins always turn out......heavy I guess is the word.  But these muffins turn out every single time.  And my kids love them.  Most requested around here.  I have tried to take a picture the last couple times we have made them.  This is seriously all that was left. Cora will have me make them and bring them when I pick up everyone from seminary.  Love them.
Our last minute dinner has become hash browns with bacon bits and eggs.  I always seem to have these items in my house.  When we are in a hurry or I have not been home much that day, we fry some hash browns, throw in some s&p, green onions and bacon bits, then whisk a couple eggs and pour on top.  Fast, easy, everyone loves it.  You got protein in there.  We cut up an apple or slice an orange and there is dinner in less then 15.  
These are Cora's new favorite cookie.  Oreo cookies and cream cookies.  Pretty good.
Blake has found the distortion setting on Dave's amp.  He no longer begs to play wii or on the computer.  Just wants to play guitar.  Now we just need to teach him some cords instead of just strumming it.:)
Blake's Kub Kar.  Dave made a template for the flames and windows, then taped them down.  Blake painted, sanded, glued.  They both put on the wheels.  He is so excited to race.
Leah has been learning the ukulele at school.  She came home and taught herself to play 'Let It Go'.  I think we have another natural musician in the family.  She certainly did not get it from me.  Can't wait til the movie comes out on DVD.  Dave thinks we may be the only person that has not already illegally down loaded it.:) Anyways love the time that Leah gets to spend with her dad, tuning and playing this song.  I wish Dave had more time to pick up his guitar again.  Miss hearing that. Also Cora is learning this song on the piano, I haven't had to ask her to practice in two weeks.  She just needed a song that spoke to her.
Grapefruit smoothies are so delicious.
I am loving the warmer weather.  We may actually get spring.  Dave is a little worried the house we are building is going to flood.  There is so much ice in the basement right now.  Pretty soon it will be very muddy out there, but I got new warm rubber boots this weekend.  That will help.  
I got them for preg testing the cows this weekend.  All went well.  Only one open, which is fantastic news.  We had one jump the fence. Dave tried to get her back in.  She was just running along the fence looking for an opening to get in.  So we opened a gate and stood on the other side of the road to give her room to go in.  She was almost to the opening and took one look at me and headed across the road towards me at a full run.  I have never had a cow go out of her way to charge me.  To try to get by, to test the limits, to get to a calf, Yes many times.  Never like that.  I think she was a little miffed.  The cow went around the entire field, following the fence line.  We kept opening gates and finally Jared got one open before she got there. In she walked like no big deal.  Crazy girl! 
Natalie introduced Mom to this True Lemon and Mom told me about it.  Great find Natalie.  The first time we had it Mom sliced an apple and shook this out on top.  My kids have always liked apples, we go through a lot, but now I can't keep them in the house.  Friday I bought twice as many as I usually do for the week and they are already over half gone.  We use it in fruit salad with Greek yogurt, just a drink with hot water, can use on fish or chicken. Blake and I like the True Lime better.  But both good
Water.  I have seen lots of detox water drinks or things to add to boost metabolism.  Both things I need to do.  Natural things like cucumbers, or apples and cinnamon.   But I really just like plain water and don't want to put anything in it.
Stories that Cora brings home from school.  She really enjoys her classmates.  Has some good tales to tell.
Typing.  I know that is weird but I love to help my kids type up their reports.  Keeps my typing up to par.
Vacuum Lines.


  1. You're not the only ones who haven't downloaded "Frozen". We haven't even seen the movie yet! Sounds like it's busy at your house. Good luck with the packing.

  2. We haven't downloaded it either! I can't wait till it comes out. I am buying it that day. I really want to get "Let It Go" for piano now.