Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kub Kar Rally +

I am quite sure that the Kub Kar Rally and everything leading up to is has been the high light of Blake's life so far.  He just soaked up every minute he got to work on it.  Working with tools, building, and time spent with Dad are his favorite things.  Three days before the event he started counting down the hours.  Yep! The hours:)

We had no problem getting him up and ready this day.  Here he is racing back to watch his car cross the finish line.

Serious business.  Lots of people watching those lines to get the winner.

Blake had a bit of a wobbly wheel during the practice runs the week before.  Dave got it all fixed up, then said it was slower.  He thinks he should have just left it alone.  Blake still has a fantastic time and loved every minute of it.  He is already planning his car for next year.  The girls really wanted to make one also, so we think we will have a Puzey Car Rally sometime.

Saturday was great.  The girls and I hung out at home while the boys went to the Kub Kar Rally.  Cora was babysitting that night.  She had make some stuffed animals for the girls she watches and thought it would be fun to invite them here this time.  The parents said that was OK.  They had not seen Frozen yet, so Cora and the two girls sat down to watch it.  They talked about what was happening through the entire show, it was making us laugh so hard.  She also painted their nails and put stickers on them. Cora got a phone call just before her babysitting job started asking if she could watch another family.  She quickly volunteered Leah for the job.  Leah was ecstatic.  She has been wanting to babysit for so long.  In one job she made just over a third of what she needs for the American Girl Doll she is saving for.  I was getting a little worried about her, but she came home so excited and right ready to go again.  After everyone was gone the kids took all my cushions off and ran hurdles through the house.  We played a few games and then started getting ready for bed.  My kids have figured out how to get out of all bedtimes and work.  They just ask me if they can play with my hair and it works ever time.  I can't move when someone plays with my hair.  Soooooo relaxing.  We got to bed a little late.  Early morning meetings came early the next day.

Yesterday my mom and dad come in to have dinner and FHE with us.  It ended up being a great meal, even tho we were 15 min behind schedule.  Mashed potatoes, Salmon, salad, and corn.  Then I made the Vanilla Bean White Chocolate Mouse Cheesecake again.  Man, that thing is amazing.  Seriously makes me want to call Mel and tell her she out did herself with that one.  We then played a Gospel Jeopardy game that I got from one of my councillors on the Resurrection.  We forgot to put a candle in mom's cheesecake but we did sing Happy Birthday anyway.  It was a fun night.  I miss the big Smith FHE's, but with every ones wacky schedules, I'm not sure how to fit it back in.

I have to admit when I first heard that the 8-11 year old girls were going to be invited to the General Women's Broadcast, I was disappointed.  Since the moment I found out I was having a boy, I have been looking forward to the time when father and son could go off to the Priesthood Broadcast together. I think that is another very special moment for them to experience together.  I have also been looking forward to the time that I could take my girls with me to the YW Broadcast.  Since Cora turned 12, in this ward, the moms were not invited.  I felt very let down. So when I heard there was a change at first I was excited, but when I heard the little girls were coming, not so much.  I know many girls that still need a snack and bring their dolls to sacrament meeting.  They just seemed to young to sit there reverently and let me enjoy the meeting.  I know, very selfish. So I am anxiously waiting for Saturday to hear what the messages are going to be.  Maybe they need instruction sooner to help them become strong in this ever worsening world.  Maybe I need the basics more.  I have not doubt that the church leaders are inspired and know what they are doing. So it does not matter one bit how I feel. All will be re veiled Saturday. But I am looking forward to taking my two girls and spending this special time with them.

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  1. Great Kub Kar! The boys will be building theirs this April - they are so excited! Enjoy the broadcast on Saturday with your girls. The only thing I will miss is our stake always had a dinner for us before hand, and now there are just too many of us.