Thursday, March 20, 2014

That's My Girl:)

It is snowing here.  HAPPY FIRST DAY OF SPRING!!!  It is not too cold though only 1 degree.  Can't complain to much.  This is Leah's room after she cleaned it.  She said she was all done and she had packed up two boxes.  I saw the boxes she really did pack them up. But the cleaning....?
Leah often tells me I have very unrealistic expectation of what clean means.

Yeah.  I guess I do if this is her idea of clean. Maybe when I told her I needed sheets today, some how taking those off magically messed up everything else.  

But she did get the closet cleaned out and organized.  

My favorite is when I will specifically point out something that need to be put away and a couple of hours later I will mention it is still there.  Then she says she totally put it away.  Someone came into her room and messed it back up again after she left.  I always wonder how they put it back in the exact same spot and position.  Seriously!!!  Love my girl to bits but, what in the world am I going to do??:)

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