Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Lego Movie

We had enough Scene points and coupons from cereal boxes that we were able to get tickets for all of us to see a movie for free. We had been wanting to see The Lego Movie.  It was playing yesterday at 4:15.  Dave said if he left work right on time he could make it.  I took the kids into town early and got tickets, we then ran a few errands and went back to the theater.  I thought it might be sold out, so we got there early.  We walked in 35 minutes before the show started and it was completely empty.  I was quite surprised.  We thought maybe more people would want to see the 3D version that started half and hour after the regular one.  Maybe that is why it was empty.  Having a big open area to ourselves Cora couldn't help but do her gymnastics, Leah was preforming songs and comedy routines at the front and Blake walked between every single row.  An attendant came in and looked at us funny and left again.  We were getting down to only 15 min till the movie started and still no one.  Soon I was going to have to go meet Dave outside to give him his ticket.  A different attendant came in and kinda smiled at us and said, 'so what movie do you want to see?'  I thought wouldn't that be funny if we were the only ones and could pick any movie we wanted.  We told her we were there to see The Lego Movie.  She asked if we preferred regular or 3D.  We said regular for sure.  She said that one was showing next door, we were in the wrong theater.  We quickly moved to the correct location and luckily got decent seats all together, because it did sell out.  We felt pretty stupid:) Years ago when my kids were small I would tell them scripture stories before bed.  When Cora was 2 I was telling her Noah's ark.  I was listing all the animals that went inside. Long boring lists so she would fall asleep. This night Dave overheard and when I crawled into bed he was smiling and said, 'so Noah took the whales and fished out of the water and into the boat so they wouldn't drown??'  It was the first time I realized that duh he could leave the fish in the sea.  I know, very stupid.  Now whenever I do something very duh like my kids say to me 'and there were whales in the ark, right mom'  I got that a few times yesterday.  The movie was good.  Lots of funny parts, but had a very unexpected twist we can't decide if we like or not.  I would see it again for sure, but not sure about buying.  We will see.

These books are amazing.  I use them all the time and thought I should share.  So much good info about vitamins and minerals and the best foods to get them from and what we need them for.  Also a helpful section on how to help our bodies heal themselves with proper nutrition and natural resources.  Since getting these I have not had to bug Natalie as much.  I am not saying food will heal everything, I will have to stay on iron the rest of my life, but this is a big help.  A wealth of information.

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  1. That's funny you were in the wrong theatre! We haven't seen it yet except for Bowen who saw it at a birthday party. He liked it!