Monday, May 6, 2013

My Leah

As previously blogged Leah has a retainer.  She often does not put it back in after eating.  Or she plays with it in her mouth.  A very annoying habit I might add.  The clicking or the rotating round and round.  Anyways it is left on the bathroom counter quite a bit.  The other day Dave called to her and said, "Leah, our bathroom counter is going to have the straightest teeth in the world."

This morning I was trying to make her lunch.  She was taking a very long time in the shower, so I yelled into her.
Me: Leah I am making a taco for your lunch.  Do you want sour cream and salsa?
Leah: No
M: And no cheese?
L: What?
M: You don't want cheese?
L: No I don't want kiwi.
M: Leah, Cheese?
L: No I don't want peas either.
M: Do you want cheese on your taco?
L: Just lettuce, tomato, mustard and ham.
L: What is for lunch?
M: Leah are you almost done? Can you turn off the shower?
Seriously she makes us laugh every day.  I love her wit.  Even when she doesn't mean it.

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  1. That's hilarious! What a funny girl. Ashton used to drive me crazy forgetting to put his retainer back in too! Kids!