Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Foam Dough and More

My kids seriously LOVE this stuff.  It has been literally hours of entertainment so far.

Cora did awesome at track today.  Third in 100m, second in shot put, and fourth in long jump.  She was very disappointed in her long jump.  She said in practice she always came in first but didn't do well at all in the real thing. I was able to make it to watch the last bit then spent the rest of the afternoon with Cora and her friends.

Quick after school snack.  Dave and I are not big s'more people, but decided to try this for the kids.  Dave said it was quite good with the crackers softened a bit.  Graham crackers, nutella, marshmallows, broiled in oven.
Drilling for water.  Going to have a well:)


  1. Can you keep using the foam dough - or is it a one time thing? It does look awfully messy, does it clean up okay? Congrats Cora - good job. How exciting to be digging your well. How long til you start digging your basement? That was a lot of questions. Sorry!

    1. We keep using the same batch over and over. It is so easy to clean up. The kids just brush off their clothes and I sweep. Like sweeping up dust. Blake got some on the carpet and it vacuums right up. Best clean up ever.

  2. Let's make that this summer out at moms house