Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Music Through the Decades

Our school's spring concert theme this year was music through the decades.  It was fun to hear all the different songs.  Great ones were chosen.  Leah had 60/70's.  Blake had 80/90's.  It was such a beautiful day that we walked to the school so we didn't have to worry about parking.  The kids did a fabulous job and had some great moves.


  1. That's a fun theme for a concert! The kids looked great.

  2. Reminded me of the one I did when I was music specialist. It was the same theme, I trained the Beatles to sing, the Supremes, the rock band Kiss, and all the kids danced and sang. It reminded me of my good old days. Looks like the kids had fun. Happy to see those ORff instruments. I loved the kids on those.
    She must be a great music teacher.
    Love, Aunt Sheila

  3. The kids looked great and it looks like they had a good time. I love that Blake wears a tie to the school concerts. He looks so put together. They will have to give me a private concert!!