Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just Blake and I

The girls both went to the farm with Dave this morning.  Blake and I had an awesome day together.  First I ran as we watched Bones and he drew pictures.  Then he got right in and helped me clean the house.  He is sure the bathroom looked like it was brand new.
We tried to mow the lawn, but our mower really only likes Dave.  It works fine as long as he is right there staring at it, that is all.  We then made a treat for dessert for tomorrow.

Next to Henderson for a picnic.  The cantaloupe was not quite ripe yet but I didn't care.  I was really wanting some.  Blake had loads of fun on the tank and cannons.

We then headed off to the horse races.  He did not get to go with me last time.  It was so hot we had to stay in the grandstand most of the time in the shade.  I love watching them run.  Such a powerful, beautiful animal.  In my heart of hearts I am a horse woman although in reality they make me nervous.  I know how strong they are.  If we were betting on them I would have gone home with some money, Blake would have come out even.
Last we made a quick stop at the store to get a wireless router.  Ours has died and we needed a new one.  

When we got back he went to a friends house for a bit to run through the sprinkler.  We then had pizza and made this fun 'moon sand' from Pinterest.  Man I love that site.  It is equal parts foam shaving cream and cornstarch.  So easy to clean up, so easy to make, and we had a lot of fun playing with you.  You can add food color if you want.  Mom I think this is a must do this summer.  I would suggest the non scented, my kitchen smells a little strong right now:)  We are going to settle down and watch a movie as we fold laundry.  It was a wonderful day with my boy.  So nice to spend one on one time with my kids when I get a chance.

Yesterday I had to make cupcakes for school.  I found these S'more ones on Pinerest.  They were so fun and the kids said they were very yummy.  Leah's only comment was that Amber had made them last time she was out there.  Apparently they were old hat to her since she had already had them:)   I guess they were a hit at the school.


  1. What a great day with your boy - you managed to do a lot in a short amount of time! Cupcakes look yummy.

  2. WOW!! Big fun day for Blake. You're such a fun mom