Monday, July 3, 2017

So Much....

I tried to figure out how to separate these out into a few different posts.  But they are so intertwined, I just decided to go for it.  Grab a snack! Blake and Leah had Time Travel Tuesday.  50's dude and 80's chick.

A few days later they both participated in the school talent show.  Leah had worked on a fun number with her friends.  They had put a few songs together in a medley.  It was really cool.  

Blake had wanted to sing a number with Leah while she also played the ukulele.  He was starting to stress a little because she had not picked a song yet.  The night before at about 8:30, Leah sits down to decide and learn a song. Crazy girl!!  They played The Beatles' Octopus' Garden and did fabulous.

Blake had a school track and field that he did awesome at.

Wednesday was Blake and Leah's last day of school.  (Cora's was the 15th)  My sisters had arrived Tuesday evening.  Cora had a date Tuesday and then drove out after.  I stayed for the last day of school.  There was an awards ceremony and all the Grade 9's were given hoodies. And then we left straight from the school.  Cora hung out with her cousins and had the best time ever.  Brock had just returned from his mission and we had not seen much of McKay since he returned almost a year ago.  They explored HillSpring and went up to Waterton.  Hiked around Red Rock Canyon and got ice cream. 

When I arrive, Brock and McKay had gone in to do a temple session. (Next few pictures given to me from Brock)

Later that night all the cousins old enough met them at the temple and did baptisms. Thursday was a little cold.  The kids took off to do another hike.  It was so fun that all us adults could just stay and not really entertain much.  We mostly relaxed.  The older kids could just go and do whatever.  Thursday night was Kailey's grad.  Most people went into that.  She stayed after and went to some parties.  Then got home in time for everyone else to get up at 3 in the morning.  I guess in their family it is tradition to hike Bear's Hump and watch the sun rise the morning after grad. (These next few pictures from Leah)

Napping after an early morning.  Cora did not have much time to nap.  She needed to get ready for her grad.

My sisters did her hair and make-up.  She was very happy with the results and looked beautiful.
We then rushed back to our house for her to get to the school to do grad pictures.

Dave and I went up for the banquet a few hours later, then Myrna brought up my mom and Blake and Leah.  Tyson drove up to be her escort.  She said that they started school together and she wanted to end together.

Look at that!  She graduated.

Right after the ceremony, we rushed back to our house, changed and headed back out to my parents.  All Cora wanted to do for her grad party was bridge jumping at midnight.  She knew Justin would be up for that.  Tyson was not feeling well and decided to go home.  They picked up Emily and Maycie on the way out.

It was a little cold, but she loved it.  Not a lot jumped, but many were there to support and cheer on.  After from the cold water they were all wide awake and stayed up playing games till about 2.  Almost a full 24 hours.  The next day was the 1st.  We went to the parade.  I skipped the program to help get things down to the park, but heard it was amazing this year.  Here are the cousin 'triplets' that all graduate this year.

After the program we all got excited for the pit roast.  So delicious! It never disappoints.  Cannon and Dad of course had helped lots the night before getting it in and had taken most of the boys while we were at grad.  I love this picture of Grandma and some of her grandsons.

It was a very hot day.  We were all leaving after the picnic, but Blake wanted one more chance to jump.

I love our reunion. It really is the highlight of our year.  My kids have such awesome cousins that they love to be with.  I love that they take off on hikes, temple trip, and bridge jumping.  They all get along and look out for each other and make lots of memories.  Brock who had returned from Texas 8 days earlier, was still a little in missionary mode.  Cora was excited to serve a mission before, now she is so fired up she can't wait.
On Sunday the three YW in my ward that had grads this year all wore their dresses to church.  We slipped out between meetings to get a few pictures.

And that is a wrap of my last week.  Hope you all have a good one and survive this crazy heat that is expected.  Pray for rain!!!  We NEED it!

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  1. The girls looked beautiful for grad. looks like you had so much fun with your family.