Tuesday, July 18, 2017


Last Saturday we went hiking in Waterton.  There was a stake hike planned, but we did our own and then met them back at the church for dinner.  Waterton is so beautiful.  It is such a long drive, we never seem to get there.

When we arrived it was raining.  We considered not going, but in the end it was so good that it was raining.  It was so hot when the sun came out, we were glad for the cool of the rain.  We dried and it rained again, and we dried.

Wall Lake and Forum Falls is an easy hike.  It is 12K, but very little elevation.  That is how I like to hike.  A leisurely stroll through the gorgeous forest.  And we made it without seeing any bears. Bonus!!

After the hike we meet up with Toone's at the church and they all decided to hike Bear's Hump.  Joe had brought the missionaries and they wanted to do it as long as they were there.  Everyone went up but me.  I stayed and prepared my lesson.

Monday we headed to The Hills for FHE with the Toone's.  Another beautiful spot.  The kids climbed the coulees again and played in the water.  We had a nice short FHE lesson and dinner.

It was a wonderful evening spent with wonderful people.

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