Saturday, June 24, 2017

Soccer and Trees

Blake has had a great soccer season.  They have played great and had a lot of fun.  He has gotten to know the kids on his team and made some good friends.  As I mentioned before, he plays goal.  I am no longer nervous, he does really well.  In fact last game when they were trying to make it into the play-offs the coach asked him to please stay in the whole time instead of switching at half like usual.  he didn't want to, but the rest of the players convinced him to, because they like him in there.
They won and are in the play-off tournament today.  Then soccer will be done for the year.

Last week we planted our trees.  140 trees.  Mostly poplar, then some lilacs and dogwoods.  I have wanted dogwoods for years.  I sure hope they grow.  

Leah and Blake helped us plant.  It was a full two day job.  We dug a trench line, Dave rented a machine for that.

We measured and staked it all out, mixed in fertilizer and manure.  Dug holes, planted, buried a drip line in the trench, and got it all running.

Our water will kill the trees, so we have been hauling water every other day.  Luckily at the farm it is all set up with the pump ready to go and it only takes a few minutes to do.  A few times Dave and I have gotten up at 5:30 to get the water before he heads to work. We fill the big tank and then let it drip out all day.

Dave has been doing the soak and dry out method.  This is supposed to give the roots lots to drink then leave for a day and so the roots shoot down looking for more water, then a good drink again.  It will help get those roots deep and strong.

So far our little trees and doing well.  Only 2 we are concerned about, but hope they bounce back.  So in 20 years I should have beautiful, lovely trees. 

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  1. I feel the same in baseball when Ty has to pitch. But then he does well and I start to relax. Its just so much pressure.