Monday, July 24, 2017


Wednesday we took the boat out.  I had planned the day weeks before and was so glad that it was still nice to go.  It was the perfect weather for boating.  Toone's and Braden met at our house at 4, then we all drove down to the lake. Dave took the kids and food out then came back for the rest of us.  We set up and had some sandwiches, chips, and watermelon.  Dave took Blake and Avery for a tube ride.  Then Emily and Leah, then Maycie, Cora and Braden.  At this point on of the tubes sprung a leak.  Dave came in for a snack.  Then back out with Cora and Braden.  He wakeboarded and then Cora finally got her skiing.  This girl LOVES to water ski.  She just pops up like nothing every time and you can see the joy.

After we had Cora and Maycie ride the tube together.  It was quite the funny production to get them both on.

But we got them on and had a great time.

We had lots of turns, some fun dumps and lots of laughs.

Leah and Emily sang at the top of their lungs as they were on the tube.

The boys swam the entire time and dug up mud.  We snacked some more and then it was getting dark.  Time to go in.  We got everything loaded up.  Dave again took the kids first and Braden decided to ride in.  Dave had him ripping.  Dave took his job of teasing the friend of Cora's to the fullest.  I think he enjoyed it.  When we got back to the house the girls practiced their song for trek, and finished off the food.  Finally it was time for everyone to go home.  It was such a fun night.

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