Friday, July 14, 2017

Heat Wave

We have been having some pretty lazy summer days.  It has been very hot for a few weeks now.  We got a little respite with one rain shower and then back up into the 30's again.  Way to hot for me.  If there is a breeze, our house stays cool, mostly.  We have been doing lots of BBQ cooking and trying to learn the Dutch Oven.  I don't want to turn on my oven and heat up the house, and we need to prep for trek.  It is coming up fast.  Dave and I have been told who our grandparents will be and we have 2 aunts.  We have contacted all of them and they seem great.  I am still very nervous about the heat and trek.  I really don't do well in the heat.  We have gathered all our supplies and think we will ready to after we pack it.
For our family swim lessons are only mandatory till they reach a level that I feel they can tread water for a long time and if they got caught in the middle of a lake they could swim to shore.  Cora went on about 4 levels after that, Leah stopped right away.  Blake decided he wanted to stop, then changed his mind this year.  So we stuck him back in.  Last week he passed a level and next week he will do another.  He hopes to quickly catch back up to his friends.  He is hoping to next year do two as well then get his Bronze Cross/Bronze Medallion to become a life guard. Last night he got invited on a YM's activity.  They went boating.  He tried waterskiing.  Blake has been a little nervous to try with Dave, but he did it last night.  We are hoping to take the boat out this week,if our Tahoe is fixed so we can pull it, with friends and he can try again
Leah is getting excited about EFY as well.  She can't wait to go. She has also been practicing the piano tons.  Her goal is to start the organ in the next few weeks for prelude.  She has also had fun playing around with songs set to other music and having her siblings sing with her.
Cora is working many hours and has been having some fun hanging out with a guy from our stake.  It seems to work out that they get together about once a week and do something.  Also her and Leah will try to get together with Emily and Maycie as often as they can.  She is also going through her room and deciding what to take and what stays.  She is getting a little anxious to go.  Makes me sad, but I understand.  High School is done and she is just in limbo for the summer, waiting for the next step of her life.  I have been putting off setting a date to take her because I am really going to miss her.
We have worked out a bit of a summer schedule.  The kids have a list of things they have to make sure is done before screen time.  Including chores, reading, doing a service, playing game with sibling etc.  It has been working well.
A few weeks ago, Blake was helping Dave do some raking in the field while Dave baled.  He spend hours out there a few different days. He really enjoyed that. I love to see how proud he is of himself when he gets responsibility like that.  It is so good for him to feel needed and trusted and to know that we know he can handle a big job like that.
Right now we are mostly all reading in the front room as the breeze comes in.  Too hot to jump on the tramp of spend to much time outside.  My front porch is cool in the mornings and we will often eat breakfast in the sun before it gets to hot, then in the evening it is shaded and cooled.  We like to sit and chat or read.  It's been wonderful.


  1. Summer is the best. This heat has definitely been killer though.

  2. Great update! The only thing saving me in this heat is that Jason put our air conditioner in our master bedroom. We'll all miss Cora so much. Hope she comes home to visit often. Lalainia