Saturday, April 16, 2016

Weekend Fun

Thursday was crazy hair and sock day at school.  We sprayed Blake's hair green then got some plastic bugs from the dollar store and stuck them on with corn syrup.  I wasn't sure if they would stay, but they did until he ripped them out at noon.  The school was going up to the high school play that Cora is in and he didn't want to look weird.  Nothing he could do about the green hair at that point. :/  That evening my parents and Myrna came over to dinner.  After we all went to Cora's play in our tiny car.  It was a fun night. 

Friday we had our friends from our old ward over.  I was a little worried about it.  I'm got a good entertainer.  I always worry that people are going to be bored at our house and they had driven a long way for this one.  About 45 mins before they were to arrive, Dave went to check cows.  Earlier they kids had been over to check and noticed a cow with hoofs sticking out.  When Dave went she had not progressed any farther.  Dave called and said he may be a while.  Blake and I were trying to hurry and get the last minute things done and he accidentally knocked the cream out of the fridge and it poured everywhere.  Including under the fridge.  So 5 mins before arrival time I had the fridge pulled out cleaning and no idea when Dave would be back.  Good start!  Dave ended up coming back for a bit as he was waiting on a neighbor to come over when our friends got here.  So he took the guys over to barn and when the neighbor got there they pulled the calf.  Now everyone knows what we do out here I guess and our get together was unique.  :)  After tours of the house we talked and caught up.  I didn't even end up pulling out any games.  They guys played a little fuss ball and we all ate and talked.  Dave did run out quick to do another check while they were here, all was well.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself and will have to do a BBQ or something in the summer with the kids. This morning my kids pulled out some of the things I  was going to do last night.

I had some paddle balls.  Those things are scary.

Some head basketball.  It was actually really fun to play.

This morning was so beautiful, Dave and I sat on our front porch and talked, soaking in the sun.  No bugs yet.  I love this time of year.  I have been researching colleges and scholarship options for Cora.  We discussed those and many other things.  It has been a relaxing and wonderful today.  Cora has her last performance tonight.  One last chance to be the murderer.  She is hoping.  When Drama is over that will free up some time.  So far it has been a weekend of fun.

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  1. I heard Cora's play was great. I would have liked to see her in it. Hopefully next year if she participates again. Glad your party went well.