Friday, April 8, 2016


Taking the kids down to Conference in Salt Lake was an amazing experience.  We had so much fun.  Dave and I kept commenting how we really enjoyed being with our kids.  They were so fun, polite and respectful when needed, and crazy.  I love the little moments that seem to pay off all the hard work we did when they were little.  This is going to be lenghty, I apologize, but we fit a lot into a few days.  Wednesday we left and traveled down.  Again we had packed a shredded roast and buns with fruit, veggies and treats.  We made great time. Only stopped for gas and bathroom breaks.  The kids got a lot of reading done.  Cora finished the bible for seminary by the end of the trip.  She had also brought a bunch of one line jokes that she would read sporadically.  More card games and talking.

One point in Montana half the road was pink and the other half gray. (Can't really see it in pic)  Dave said it was the girls side and boys side so he drove in the middle.

When we arrived at the hotel, we went for a little swim and then got something to eat.  Thursday we spent on Temple Square.  Dave and I had wanted the kids to see everything before it was really packed.  We arrived about 9:30 in the morning and stayed until around 5ish.

Blake was done walking around a bit before Dave and Cora were, so I sat on a bench with him and chatted.  We toured the Tabernacle and both visitor centers.  The Joseph Smith Memorial, where we got to go to the top and look out on the entire square, Conference Center and a quick walk over to City Creek Mall for lunch.

Blake was trying to have it look like Moroni was standing on his finger.

Seeing the Christus is always wonderful.  So peaceful and beautiful.

Took a tour at the Conference Center and got to go on the roof.  I had wanted the kid to see City Creek Mall  because how the top opens is so neat.  Thursday was a bit cloudy and it was closed, then Saturday was gorgeous and they were opened, so it worked out great.  Oh we also did the Church History Museum.  Tried the Relief Society Center but it was closed and did the beehive house.  This next picture we took for my mom.  We had gone up to the "This is the Place" Monument right after Temple Square.  It also was very cool.  They had a little village we could have toured but we were quite tired.  On the way back to the car we saw this little plaque.  Not only is there DUP's but SUP's.  YAY!!:)

After our long day we needed to eat dinner.  I wanted the kids to try Texas Roadhouse.  It was a bit of a drive, but we decided to do it.  No one was starving so we ordered 3 meals, they are big there, and split them.  The buns are so good and you eat lots.  We told the kids that if they were still hungry we would order more.  We had left overs and they loved it.  Friday we met Taylor at Natalie's house and then drove to the base of the Y.  All the times I had been for a visit and while I lived there I never hiked it, so we went.

It was much harder than it should have been for me.  Embarrassingly so.  It was a good wake up call to get my butt in gear and get back in shape. Cora and Blake ran up.  Dave and Taylor kindly waited for Leah and I.

I am determined to do it again and better my time by a lot if I get to Utah again.  After the hike Taylor left for an appointment and to pick up his kids.  We were excited to finally meet Ava, who is almost 2.  We drove around Provo and I took the kids down my memory lane.  I showed them where I lived and went to school.  Drove around BYU campus, ate at Brick Oven (best homemade root beer), and saw the new City Center Temple.  That is a cool building.  I told the kids if we would have had an extra day or two I would have taken them out to Manti.  It is one of my favorite temples.  We stopped in quick to say hi to Abby at work.  After we went back to Natalie's.  She made delicious taco's and we saw Ava and Brody, along with Natalie's kids.  I was quite upset with myself for not getting a picture of my kid with their Smith cousins in Utah.  Who knows when we will see them again.  We had found out that there was a Utah Jazz game Friday night.  I looked into getting tickets and we could have, but it would have cut down on the few short hours we had with family.  We didn't want to do that.  But next time we will definitely be checking it out ahead of time.  After leaving Natalie's, Cora wanted to see the temple light up at night and Leah wanted to see the Capitol building.  We made those stops and then back to the hotel where we watched the end of the Jazz on TV.  And another game.  :)

Saturday was up early to get to Conference.  We had tickets for the morning session.  Our tickets said parking filled up fast so we got there at 7:45 am.  Walked around the temple a bit and were in line by 8.

Doors opened at 8:30.  We were one of the first inside.  (I absolutely love these trees.  I have always dreamt of having them around my house in white, pink, and deep purple.  So I made the kids stand next to them so I could have a picture.  They love smiling into the sun)

We waited an hour and a half until the session started.  We all enjoyed watching everyone come in and listening to the music.

It was a fantastic conference again.  The speakers and songs were excellent.  Leah has come home and listened to the song a number of times.  It was neat to see the behind action you don't see at home.  The cameras being moved, speakers moving into position.  Loved it all.  When it was all done, after sitting in his seat for 3 1/2 hours, Blake asked why it was shorter that session.  We laughed and explained how long he had been there.  He took some convincing, he really enjoyed being there.  All three want to go again in October.  We made a huge trek with 21000 other people to get lunch at City Creek again.

There were a few protesters out at this point.  Our kids were kinda quitly giggling about them.  Cora at one point even said it was sad that they really didn't have a clue.  For the afternoon session we were able to get into the Tabernacle and watch.  It also was neat.  We all loved the emotion that they showed in the one choir member.  They will remember that.  After the session, back to the hotel.  Blake had a swim and Cora and Leah watched this show called Forensic Files.  It was really neat.  Then everyone asked if they could please go back to Texas Roadhouse.  So we did.  Again ordering only 3 dishes. Worked out great.  Sunday was up, packed and on the road.  We had stopped at a grocery store to get food for they way home.  We were able to get the morning session on the radio. We did the afternoon session for FHE after we were home.  I had a few old talks I read, and again books reading, jokes, cards, and chatting.  It truly was wonderful and we loved every minute of the trip.  We made great memories and experienced lots of wonderful things.  A cherished trip for sure.


  1. So glad your trip was wonderful. I have fond memories of going to conference as a kid. Hope we can take our children soon. Great pictures of the kids. Lalainia

  2. So fun and very memorable!!!! I can't wait to do it too with our kids!!!!

  3. We love visiting Utah. Sounds like you had a wonderful trip.

  4. I can't seem to spot Leah, maybe she could wear a sweatshirt more noticeable ��
    Love Blakes suit and love that your kids can sit so close in the back of a car for so long and not kill each other, just read and play games, it's like it's 1981. What a great trip! My only complaint is you didn't tell me where you are at city creek....