Tuesday, December 8, 2015


We are into a great time of the year.  Basketball!!  The girls have had a lot of different things going on lately.  Leah had a school volleyball tournament awhile back.  I only saw one game, but it was fun to watch.


Cora is helping to coach the junior high girls team.  She was very sad that not enough girls wanted to play in high school.  She is staying involved as much as she can.  Cora is enjoying it.  Not quite as good as playing.:)  Both girls have also been doing Acro.  I thought it would be a little slow for them.  We did the first class and they didn't care.  Just wanted to be doing gymnastics again.  The last one of this session is this week.  Both are disappointed it will be over.

I love that they are so active and enjoy so many different things.  Last night after basketball practice we where having a snack and Dave and the kids started practicing the song they are singing with the church choir in a festival Thursday.  They sounded so amazing.  From basketball to singing 3 part harmony.  Man they are awesome.

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  1. So fun to see what things interest them as they grow.