Saturday, December 12, 2015

Picture Clean-up

I have a few picture that don't really fit anywhere.  I needed to do a clean-up.

The kids cleaned up all the pallets and made us a tempory sidewalk.

This is the only picture I have of the chocolate making weekend.  We did work that weekend I promise.  A few months ago Dave and his siblings got together for some genetic testing stuff.  He asked me if I wanted to go up with him, but I said no.  I wanted him to just be with his siblings, no in-laws or kids.  I think it is important to do that once in a while.  He later said it was a great day and he enjoyed being just them for a bit again.  That is what this picture reminds me of.

Leah and Blake had" Inside Out Day" at school a while back.  One of the stupidest movies I have ever seen.  They where supposed to dress like the person they really thought they were inside.  Blake said he was a farmer at heart, Leah said she is crazy and wacky.  I thought it fit them very well.  Apparently Leah's principle did not.  

I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the insulation.  We all hauled over 140 25lb bags up stairs and into the garage.  The saturday I was doing chocolates the kids opened them and dumped them in the blower themselves.  Later I helped some, then on a Tuesday night Blake finished the job by himself as we where at YW's.  Dave was in the attic.  Blake was so proud of the work he had accomplished.  Dave kept telling him he had done a man's job.

Christmas decorating.

Putting down sub floor.  After being so proud of his 'man's work'  Blake has wanted to do more.  He spent a few days helping Dave put down the floor.


Our youth group decorating the tree at church.

This is what Leah wore to practice the other day.  Cora wore her long Christmas socks as well but took them off before I got a picture.

I saw these on Pinterest and loved them.  Gave them to my in-laws on chocolate making day and to the sisiters I visit teach.

A paper cut out Cora did.

Lego from Blake.

What we are giving bus driver and teacher this year.  I think it would have turned out much better if Blake had not emptied my craft drawer.  You know, a little nose and brown antlers.  But it is what it is.

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  1. I am a little behind so I am going to comment on more then this post. I think that is a good idea to do a clean up post. I will keep that in mind. Second of all I heard about you dad a few weeks ago and was just floored I totally agree of all my family never in my wildest dreams would have thought that Uncle Mark would be in the hospital of a heart attack. So glade to hear he is ok.