Friday, December 4, 2015

House Warming Gift

Our kids share a phone.  Mostly Cora uses it, but the other day Leah had a volleyball tournament so she took it.  She came home and told us that Grandma Smith had sent a text saying she needed to talk to Cora about something.  Just joking I said, "Oh, do you and Grandma have some big secret?"  Cora said that yes they did and walked away.  I thought she was playing along.  The next day as we are making chocolates my phones rings.  It is my mom, she wants Cora.  Cora goes into a room and shuts the door.  Well I'm a little slow, I guess.  I then realized they really do have a secret.  Last Sunday I was not feeling well and didn't go to church.  Cora came home after choir and grab the keys and left telling me not to worry.  I was to sick to be curious.  Later Dave came down and said Cora needed us at the house.  I really did not want to move, he said she was quite insistent.  I made it to the car and into our house.  Outside my house was my parents truck.  Strange.  My parents live and hour and a half away.  As I walked into the kitchen this is what was waiting for me.
Beautiful isn't it?!  So glad I got up out of bed.  It was worth it.  A while back I was talking with my mom about how I could get some red in my house.  She suggested redoing my table and chairs. They were an slight orangy brown and would not go with our new house at all.  I loved the idea, but accepted that it would be low on our list of things to do and a big job.

I also wanted to recover the stained fabric we had.  My parents knowing we had other things that needed done first did it for me.  They got some of my siblings involved.  Even my sister and brother-in-law that live in Utah helped.  My sister redoes furniture beautifully.  My parents got the cushions down to her and new great fabric I can easily wipe.

They redid them and sent them back up.  My dad painted everything and then he and my brother and nephew put them all back together.  It was such a fun surprise and goes perfect.  I love how everyone helped.  A few weeks ago I had on a red sweater and Cora started asking me about my favorite reds.  I never suspected a thing.  She played her part very well.

Thank you so much everyone.  It is a fantastic housewarming gift.  Absolutely the perfect thing.


  1. It's So BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I love it!

  2. Love the red - it's my favorite accent color in my house! The table and chairs turned out gorgeous.

  3. what a great surprise! They look great. Family is the best.

  4. What a great surprise. I love the table and chairs, and it sure does look like your house is coming along nicely. Loved the christmas card from you. 1st one of the season. Thanks for that.

  5. I know I am late but I want to comment and say that I agree with you. I think they turned out lovely.

  6. I know I am late but I want to comment and say that I agree with you. I think they turned out lovely.