Friday, November 13, 2015


If you don't understand sarcasm or remember movie quotes it is quite useless to have a conversation in my home.  Especially with my girls.  You all remember playing the movie game right?  One person would say something from a movie and then the others would guess what movie it was from.  Cora and Leah have taken it to a whole new level. If you can't keep up or jump in then you are just lost.  They can't seem to help it.  The other day I took Cora shopping with me and left Leah and Blake at home.  After being gone for a few hours Leah asked when we were going to be back.  Here is the conversation I found later on my phone. (Cora was texting as I drove)
L: When are you going to be home?
C: Half hour
L: K
C: C...K...
L: c k what?
C: Mr Fawlty I don't want to work here anymore...
L: He take my hamster
L: I know nothing
C: Spoon is it?
L: How may I help you three gentlemen?
C: Who is man with beard?
L: Is this a piece of your brain?
C: Hi my name is Howard, anyone can say that..
L: Anyone named Howard
C: Do you kiss your mother with that mouth?
L: Is that Jarvis?
C: Correction, I know your father
C:  Come on Frank lets take you home
L: I can't carry the ring but I can carry you
C: And because I am dead, I can take off my head and recite Shakespearean quotations
L: I'm your grandson
C: Pastor Dan just asked me out
L: That's so weird.
L:  Leave the sewing to the women
C: Ladies don't start fights but they can finish them
L: Everybody wants to be a cat
L: You are a sad strange little man
C: One, two, three, crack!  New egg
L: No you started it, you invaded Poland.

So did you get all that, can you name every movie?  This is seriously so normal in my house.  At least they have a wide variety of shows they like.  :)


  1. Love all the Fawlty Towers and even Jack Skellington in there. Very fun!

  2. Doug and I do this all the time, mostly with The Simpsons and IT Crowd :)

  3. haha I maybe know 3-4 of those quotes! This two crack me up!