Sunday, November 1, 2015

Halloween 2015

I am usually not to excited about Halloween, but this was my favorite year ever.  The kids all came up and did their own costumes.  I barely did a thing.  I asked Cora to take her brother and his friends trick or treating.  I said she could dress up and get candy if she did.  She is such a good girl and did it for me.  It was amazingly beautiful weather.  The whole things was just great.

Cora went as a Robber

Leah went as Loki

Blake was an 80's dude

My trick or treaters all ready

We meet friends at the school.

I forgot to get a picture when it was still light with Blake and his friends.

I was really surprised at the loot they got.  There were a few dumps in the car because bags where full.  I was told so many people go up to the bigger town that in our little town people give big.  And they totally did.  Mostly full chocolate bars and regular chip bags not tiny ones.  Or huge hand fulls. We where out for an hour and 15 minutes and almost did the entire town.  They will have candy forever.

Looking at the loot.  Making piles for school (no nuts), for dad, and home.

A little trading going on for favorites.  I always enjoy watching that part.  The only sad thing was this year Halloween fell on Fast Sunday.  They where tempted, but are really looking forward to eating treats after dinner today.

Bake even put a sign on a bag of chips, labelled for Sunday dinner.

Blake's jack-o-lantern.  The smile was so big after a few days we had to put sticks in it.  It was starting to cave.  Fabulous Halloween.  Until next year.

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  1. Wow That is amazing the costumes are cute and the loot I never got that much. my kids only get a bucket full they did awesome.