Monday, November 9, 2015

A Few Things

We woke up to our first skiff of snow today.  Not to shabby.  We made it clear till Nov 9th. School is going well for the kids.  Cora is plugging along in Math 20 and Physics 20.  Doing really well if you ask me, not well if you ask her. :)  Average is 71 right now.  She is full into Drama now.  Sadly there will be no High School Girls Basketball.  Dave and I even offered to coach, but not enough girls signed up.  So Cora will be assistant coach to the Junior High Girls.  She was determined to get some basketball in there some how.  Leah is struggling with her new principle, but doing well.  She has a friend that has been coming to Young Women's with us for the last few months.  That makes it fun with more girls.  She is doing OK in school.  I think the personality clash with the principle is causing some grading problems.  Blake is doing well also.  He is still very high above his grade level in reading and is loving math.  All my kids do awesome in Math, not something they got from me.  We had a great quite weekend.  In between cleaning and eating this is pretty much how Cora spent the weekend.

Really who needs a table and chairs??!?

She finished it last night.  Dave and Myrna have been working long hours on painting our house.  Over the weekend Dave did the stairwells.  He said he prayed every time he walked out on these boards.  So did we.  He worked until almost 2 in the morning Saturday night.

Pushed for time, we have wood floor coming tomorrow.

My kitchen is mostly in.  It is so great to see that all the things I picked out really do go together.  So far. 


  1. Looks good!!! A kitchen!!!!! Yay!!!!

  2. House is looking great! How exciting to see things going in.

  3. I was wondering, Charmaine, how your house was coming. Looks great. Love the kitchen, so bright and sparkly looking. I love white cabinets. What I have too. They make it look bigger too. Good luck in getting it finished. Still planning on being in there for Christmas?