Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Good News and Bad News.

Every time Dave asks if I want the good new or bad news first I always say bad.  I want to end on a up beat.  So today you get bad news first.  Which is not really bad new but unfortunate.  Last Wednesday my mom left me a message in a very scary worrisome voice asking me to call her right back on my Dad's cell.  I called and called and texted, no answer.  I was starting to get really worried.  Come to find out my dad had had a heart attack and was on his way to a bigger center in an ambulance.  He had quite a lot of chest pain and she had taken him in to emergency.  We had decided that she would meet at my house and I would drive her up to see him the next day.  Sounds like there was another small attack in the ambulance on the way up.  It was decided to put dad in the que and do an angiogram, probably the next morning.  A few hours later I got a text saying he had had another attack or incident and they were going in right then.  I was pretty nervous.  My dad has always seemed so invincible to me.  He rarely gets sick, runs everyday, watches what he eats, and is the last person I would ever think to have a heart attack.  Later that night I was in a meeting when my mom called to say they had done the angioplasty and he was feeling much better.  We decided we were still going up the next day to see him and then we would go back up Saturday or Sunday to bring him home.  On the way up the next day, mom got a text saying they were releasing him that day.  We were so pleasantly surprised.  To have an attack, surgery, and be released all in 24 hours was amazing.

I was so glad to bring him home with us.  Life will be a little different now.  My parents hate being on meds and now he has quite a few he will always have to take.  No runs for a while, hopefully he will be able to work back up to it if he wants.  Overall it was pretty scary for me.  I am so glad he will be OK.  Many prayers where said that day.  Right hand is where they put the angiogram and angioplasty up his vein.  Left hand is normal hospital hook ups.

Good news:  A few weeks ago Nicole called and asked if Cora would like to go to Sadie with Kailey.  My first thought was there is no way Cora is going to want to do that.  But the more I thought about it I decided she should do it.  When I picked her up from Drama that night we discussed it and then when we where out to my parents for Thanksgiving, Cora and Kailey made plans.  Kailey picked a friend of her's for Cora to ask. Cora decided how she wanted to do it, then Kailey set it up for her.  He answered her through a picture on Instagram.  She then got his number and they started making plans.  Cora and Kailey where deciding what to do, and Cora and Fuya (that is the boy she asked) where deciding what costume to wear.  It was a 50's themed dance.  She was really really nervous right before we left.  Cora was hating her hair, even tho I thought it was cute.  We dropped her off at the restaurant where they where meeting and we headed out to my parents.

They had a wonderful time.  Cora even did not mind the dance to much.  They had fun at the restaurant and later getting dessert.  Changed at Fuya's and played some wii, then went to the dance.  She said he was funny, they like the same music and had fun.

It was the first date for all four of them.  Boys would not let the girls pay for dinner even tho it was Sadie.  It was a good idea of Nicole's and Kailey picked a nice friend for her to go with.

Good times.


  1. Yikes, That is so scary about your dad. So glad it turned out the way it did. Yes, we think our parents will live forever. If it only was that way. Love Cora's outfit and her first date. Cute guy and glad they had fun together. Your kids are certainly growing up Char and Davey. Good times and fun ahead.

  2. I'm really glad to hear everything is okay with your dad. And I'm glad Cora had a good time on her first date!!! She's growing up too fast!!!!

  3. Thanks for coming with me Cora! It made it all the better!!

  4. Had no idea about your dad!!!!! I am glad everything is ok! First date for Cora:) That's awesome.

  5. I heard about your Dad. I'm glad he is doing well and had a quick recovery and was able to go home so quickly. Love Cora's outfit. Glad she had a good experience for her first date:)