Friday, August 7, 2015

Boating Party

A month ago Leah asked if she could have a boating party with her friends.  They talked back and forth to get a few possible dates between every one's vacation schedule and Dave's availability.  August 6th ended up being the best day.  We checked the calendar the Sunday before.  It was calling for rain and not very hot.  I swear we have gotten rain 4 days this summer.  Young women's camp and yesterday.  Two of her friends came early to hang out.  We where watching the clouds and hoping, but when it was time to go it was still raining.  We went into town to pick up one more friend and to get a movie.  Got this great picture while we where there.
We had even pulled the boat out and got everything ready.  Dave thought it best to wait to see if it cleared at all.  We figured the latest we could leave would be 7:15.  Meanwhile we had a picnic in the basement and started the movie instead. Notice all the sweaters. :)

Around 6:30 it looked possible so off we went.

They had so much fun.  Some where braver than others.  It was getting dark already and still cloudy.  I have no idea who is in most of these pictures.  Everyone had a few turns tubing.

Oh first they went for a little swim.

Leah and Taylor above.

I love the light in this next picture.  Pretty sure this picture is Alyssa and Savannah.

Blake was much braver this trip.  He hit some awesome bump and stayed on the whole time.

Alyssa water skiing.  She had skied before and wanted to give it a go.

So cold.  All the towels where dripping wet.  They air dried in the freezing cold then quickly stuck on sweaters.  We went as late as we could.
Then we pulled them almost to the dock.  It was a lot of fun.  The girls all had a blast and are so easy to be with.

I loved the dark angry clouds behind the house with light shining on it.  Such a pretty spot of the world.
Cora decided to go for a little ride as Dave moved this wagon out of the way.  She said she is so not ready to go into Grade 11, she thinks she should of stayed 6 forever.


  1. Your house looks amazing Charmaine and Davey. Yes, the old homestead is a pretty part of the world. Love the fun on the water. I gather it was Little Bow. Enjoy the rest of the summer and hopefully we will see you at the reunion on the 12th. Love, Aunt Sheila

  2. Love the angry clouds -sunny house picture. I always enjoy reading your blog!

  3. I agree with Cora. I want to stay 6 forever. Neither of us are old enough to go into 11th grade!!! It seems insane. I’ll stay immature with you Cora!!!!