Sunday, August 23, 2015

Another Mini Vacation

I took the kids out to my parents for what ended up being only a day and a half.  Still it was time well spent.  My mom had a few projects for the girls and dad had a few for Blake and Levi.  I also needed to use mom's cutter for  quilt squares.  We arrived Monday afternoon.  We talked and had dinner, then the girls and I went into town to watch a play with the Puzey girls.  It was an excellent play.  Amazing what they can do in such a small venue.  Tuesday was perfect and relaxing.  We got most of the things done we came out to do.  At one point I looked out the window to see my dad roping a tree.

This seemed a little odd to me, so I went to investigate.  Apparently there was a dead branch he was trying to get down.  After grabbing a calf hook he got it.  Farmers are very inventive people.

It was the coldest day in a long time, but we still went tubing.  We had to cram all our usual week long summer fun into one day.  So the kids went tubing anyways.

Can you imagine a more ideal childhood.  Tubing down the canal with the mountains in the background and farm fields.  I was such a lucky lucky kid.

Sadly no bridge jumping.  The canal was too low.  My parents dishwasher does not work.  Hasn't for a long time.  The other day when dad put away the dry rack after we did dishes it struck me as extra funny.  The dry rack is stored in the dishwasher.  And really, why not?!!?

We got ice cream and made a trip to the library.  The kids watched a movie.  Indiana Jones as is tradition.  Then had a silly string fight.  Nicole timed it.  They each had two bottles and it lasted just under two minutes.  Price wise I am not sure it is a good game, but the kids sure love it.

Not sure my dad was super excited about his lawn. It will dissolve soon.

We had to leave early for a dental appointment of Cora's and then get her to basketball camp.  It was much to short of a trip, but we squeezed in what we could.

These yellow chair represent summer.  My dad brings them out of storage for the season. They will be going back soon.  This summer has gone to fast for me.  Usually I can't wait for the kids to go back to school.  This year I wish I could hold it off a while longer.  Cora goes into Grade 11 this year.  It's to soon, to fast.  I need time to slow.

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  1. Summer is definitely going by way too fast. You did grow up in a beautiful place:)