Saturday, August 8, 2015

Early Birthday and Sundowner

Blake's birthday is actually next Wednesday.  We will be in the middle of a Puzey reunion next week.  He decided that rather than opening his presents and not get to play with them for a few days, he would just open them early, play for one day, then put them away till after.  So last night we once again went to Shakespeare in the Park.  It was fabulous again.  This time along with Myrna, my parents and Cannon and Nicole and kids came also.  This morning we got some chores done as we waited for Dave to get home, then it was present time.

He has been wanting this Nerf gun since last November.  Every time he goes shopping he looks for it at Wal-Mart.  About a month ago it wasn't there anymore.  He was so devastated.  Blake started looking for it on Amazon.  Because he had been searching for it I got a notice when it went on sale.  A good sale.  Even with shipping it was cheaper than buying it at the store.  Score!!

He got a leather sketch book he has been wanting and Grandma got him a cool car.  We then had Holly's Hawaiian Pizza, watermelon, chips, and home-made ice cream cake.  I didn't get any picture of the birthday meal.  He had a great time playing with his gun in the afternoon after he got his mowing done.  He took it over to our basement and shot it through the walls.  It shoots really far and whistles as it goes.

We have been working on our deck today.  Dave had a meeting regarding a church audit coming up and didn't get home till almost noon.  But we worked hard all afternoon.  Stopped for Blake's birthday dinner then continued.  Just as the sun started to set, I had the kids come over.  We had our first Sundowners on our new deck.

When we where in Africa out on safari, they would pack us a drink and we would stop out  on the savanna and have our drink as the sun went down.  My parents continued the tradition after we came home.  Once in a while Dave and I have done it also.  It was a perfect beautiful night and I thought it was a great way to celebrate the beginning of our deck.

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