Thursday, July 30, 2015


Dave came home Monday with a list of chores for the kids to do.  He walked them through everything and then we started.  One of them was fencing.  First some old pictures.  Blake helping to dig the trench for the electrical line.

Septic going in.  Yay!

There was lots on the list.  Mowing around the barn and houses, picking up old shingles, and fencing.  We had to go down to the sand and get tons of post.  Then we drilled holes in them.

Cora and I have moved these poles five times now. 

Blake loved drilling.  You give this kids power tools and he will do anything.  Dave came home the other day and announced he had got 30 more for Blake to do.  He was so excited it was crazy.

We then hauled them to the sand, strung wire, and set up the fence.

We drilled the insulators and attached them to the pole then stuck the wire in.

Leah loves the drill.  That is how we get her to work.  She loved drilling the floor boards in the house, drilling the insulators on.  She was at a friend's house the first day, but enjoyed coming out with us the second day.

This is a very embarrassing picture of myself, but this is how we rode out to the field.  We couldn't take the truck out in this field so Jared was kind enough to lend us his four wheeler. Dave was driving, I held the girls on, and out we went. Pretty fun.

We got one fence completed and next week the kids will do a couple more.  This is such beautiful country we live in.  I love working with my kids.  We are so blessed.  They have worked through the list already and Dave is going to come up with another one again.  As we finished last night this was our view.


  1. I need to send my kids out there. Work is always a battle over here. Hopefully if we keep at it it will be a nice experience for us one day too:)

  2. I can't even tell you how much I love much I love your family!! Char, I really do miss you. You and Dave are doing the most amazing job parenting. You are so involved, teaching them life lessons that will bless them for eternity. Doug and I really do look up to you...we talk about it more than you might imagine. We love you guys and really do miss having you around. Thanks for blogging!!

  3. I read form Mud Football up, I guess I was a little behind. I think you all have had a very productive summer. I agree very beautiful place. That stinks about the retainer, isn't that always how you find something. Go by a new one and it will pop up. The boating looks so fun I haven't done that for at least 28 years. When I saw the mud football I thought holly cow that's going to be some muddy cars glade to see they had some where to wash off. I am with Blake, I love to drill. My dad, to make extra money, would make latters for the gilsonite mines, and we got to drill holes, and punch rungs in with a rubber mallet. Good Times. Oh and when my kids get older I will have to remember the essay idea if their being bad. Good one.