Thursday, March 12, 2015

Not Much Going On.....

Not a lot of things going on lately.  We did get our garage walls up.  A little progress.  This is going so slow.  There is a guy that has agreed to help us build and he said he would be here this week, but we still haven't seen him.  He wanted to finish a few projects around his house first.  The weather has been so beautiful tho.

Leah was supposedly sweeping out the upstairs.  She did a lot of looking over this wall and singing however.  Great little made up songs that had us laughing.

We also finally set up our trampoline.  After Cora being off her knee for 3 weeks and then not having the tramp I thought she might go insane.  And again since it is so nice, they have been on it almost every night.

I know that is a great picture.  Sure they will be pleased I put it up.  There have been a few gophers out.  Blake can barely get dinner down before he grabs his BB Gun and goes out to shot them.  Cora has one game left tonight.  She plays at the college and is a little nervous since it is a much bigger venue.  She has been wrapping her knee good and it is almost healed.  Next week she started the final two weeks of drama.  They are long days everyday.  Can't wait till this is over.  She has really enjoyed one teacher and really clashed with the other.  If it was during school, she would totally do it again next year.  Has enjoyed most of it.  But it is soooo time consuming being after school as well as basketball. They will announce a mandatory basketball practice and a mandatory drama practice both at the same time.  Those frustrate her.  Especially since we talked to both organization before hand and they both said oh of course we work with each other.  Uh huh!!  Leah got her glasses fixed, luckily they where under warranty.  We are going to get her a cheap pair to wear around the farm.  She doesn't need the bifocals for that.  I have been stocking up the freezer again with cookies, muffins, pizza buns, and a few frozen meals. And a few sewing projects.  That's it.  That is all that is happening right now.  Oh and we sign Blake up for baseball tonight.  He is so excited.  


  1. Your house is coming along!! How exciting!!

  2. Sometimes it is so nice to not have much going on. I look forward to holidays just for that purpose:) Sounds like life is going really well for you guys out there.

  3. What play is Cora doing? Hope to see you all soon. Miss you guys!

  4. You say not to much I say EXCITING!!! I would love to get my kids a tramp I have to convince Randan. He isn't into them. P.S. love the picture.