Thursday, March 19, 2015

Lighter Side

Sometimes all you can do is laugh.  Here are a few things that have made us laugh lately. And not just the little smile and chuckle.  Really laugh with tears running down our faces and cant breathe. Maybe it wasn't that funny.  I think we are all just so exhausted.  Six months of constantly going, late nights, early mornings, weekends.  Basketball is done, drama is almost done, there is no rugby, which is both sad and good.  In April we only have Leah's badminton and Blake has baseball.  And I don't know why but I have seriously been counting down till conference for a month.  It just sounds so incredibly relaxing right now.  Nothing to do but sit and listen and eat of course.  :) Anyways what made us laugh:

1. I mentioned how we went to the fireside Sunday and drove home slow.  It was 11 by the time everyone had got in bed.  The next morning came way to soon.  I am quite sure Blake was sleepwalking onto the bus.  That night sitting down for dinner, I looked over and his pants looked weird.  I asked if his pants where on backwards.  Yep, they sure where.  He had gone all day.  He said he had even put his hands in his pockets and just thought it was odd.  We got him to bed a little earlier that night.

2. Cora doesn't scare easy.  Sunday night she was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. She suddenly ran out and said she was going right back in so nobody go in the bathroom.  I snuck in and hide behind the shower curtain.  She came running back down the hall and closed the door.  I did a deep, low, slow laugh.  Totally got her. (Side note:  I do not believe in scaring my kids generally.  I think you are the safe place they come to when scared.  If they are terrified of something I don't do that to them, but a little jump and boo to get the adrenalin going can be fun if they can take it.  With Blake we really have to think about it before we do it)

3.  FHE Monday, Blake was saying closing prayer.  Lately he says, and please bless it, after everything.  He actually has really good thoughtful prayers, but this makes us laugh. He will say, bless the food and please bless it, thanks that dad traveled safely and please bless it.  So Monday night we had no FHE snack and Blake says thank you for the food, then Dave leaned over and whispered, and please bless it.  I know a little sacrilegious, but it was funny.

4.  Monday after FHE, Dave and I had gone over to shovel out the house.  It was dark when we walked back and the light in the barn was on.  We went over to turn it off.  That is where the cats are feed.  We saw some eyes by the food and thought it was the black cat that Cora loves.  Dave started saying things like, here kitty, come on kitty.  Talking really nice to them.  Then out walked the animal, all I could say was, Dave that's.... and started walking away.  He saw it just a moment after me.  It was a skunk.  He shut the light off and walked very quickly away.

5.  Tuesday for St. Patrick's Day, I once again packed a green lunch.  I didn't make green bread this year and Leah was very disappointed.  I did grapes, peas, pop, sugar cookies, and mint Areo balls.  I guess when Leah was pulling things out of her lunch, at first her friend gave her a strange look, then as more and more came out green.  She said things like, wow your lunch is green, you mom must like green,  your mom must really like St Patrick's Day.  We got a chuckle out of that also.

6.  K not funny, but cool.  Because Saturday was National Pi Day.  You  know 3.14 etc.  Leah's teacher gave them a challenge to memorize as much as they could of Pi.  By Monday Leah had memorized 54 numbers.  Everyone else had only done 6, so they where given till today.  In the end I think she had 62 numbers.  I hope she wins, she worked really hard on that.  Especially since she did the assignment on time.

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  1. That was funny cant decide which of your stories was the most funny. There is a commercial for contacts or glasses not sure which, But it is a lady tiring to get her cat in the house for the night and she actually has a raccoon following her. That reminded me of the skunk story. Tucker always says thank you for the wonderful year and please bless this year. Not sure where he got it we cant get it out of him. He also constantly wares his shirts backwards he has a fifty fifty chance and always I have also caught him with his undies on the wrong way. I have to admit pants are better. That is great about Blake. Hope Leah wins we'll keep are fingers crossed.