Saturday, February 15, 2014

Happpy Valentine's Day

We had a perfect, quiet, relaxed Valentine's day.  I decided to not even take pictures.  Just enjoy.  At first Dave didn't think he was going to be there, but needed to prepare a talk for Sunday, so he ended coming home.  (He has the walls up and had heard it was supposed to blow.  Dave is a little worried about the walls being blown over in a big wind and is trying to get trusses up, to hold it all together,  before it comes).  He got home just as we were pulling the pork out of the oven.  Good timing!  Cora had set the table with a pink and lace cloth, she added flowers she had gotten (or stolen really) at school and lots of candles. We ate sesame pork over rice, asparagus, and sliced oranges.  Opened a bottle of Martinelli's and had cupcakes.  We then watched a movie and had white chocolate cinnamon popcorn. We were trying to pick a romantic comedy since it was Valentine's Day and had pretty much decided that 'How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days' was going to be the winner.  Then at the library 'Despicable Me 2' had finally come in.  Dave had not seen it yet and we decided that it had enough of a love story to count.:)  I liked it a lot better the second time.  Another one I need to buy.
Blake and Leah enjoyed their school parties.  Treats and Just Dance for Leah.  Treats and Valentine exchange for Blake.  At Cora's school the week before Valentine's Day for a dollar you can send a flower to someone and write a note.  It is one of their (many) fundraisers.  They send them to friends, teachers, whatever.  Her friends were all in a teasing mood with one boy, so they each sent him a couple flowers.  He is a really good friend of theirs.  I gathered he was a bit embarrassed by all the attention and the girls ended up stealing their flowers back.
It was a great day had by all.  Dave then did a little research on his talk, Cora went babysitting, I read for a while and Blake and Leah went to bed.
Happy Valentine's Day to all!!!

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