Saturday, February 8, 2014

Valentine's Prep

Leah and a girl at school made this box for the box derby at school.  They were all given the same scooter to put it on. (I am sure all schools use the same type of scooter for gym class so you can all picture it. Flat, square, four tiny wheels)  Our school has two halls that you walk up.  They raced down these halls.
Leah has so much fun.

Her team won first place. 

We have started getting ready for Valentine's Day.  Writing out all those names gets very tedious sometimes.  Leah did 33 in the time that Blake did 10.  And he was the one that was begging me to start them.

Finally got our Valentine Heart Chains up.  I have been wanting to do this for a couple weeks. Cora, Leah and I made them to hang.

What the kids are giving out this year. No idea why this picture is crooked. 

Just curious picture.  Cora is still smaller than I was, but knew the height was close.  So I had her try it on.  I have really been thinking about what to do with my wedding dress.  Both the girls are going to be taller than me.  Unless Cora is done growing now.  I sure hope not.  So even if they DID want to use it, it would not work.  I know that some people have turned it into their temple dress.  I would have to put in new sleeves and make it more fitted on the bottom.  Not sure I want to cut it up. I know exactly what I am doing with the girls blessing dress. But I feel bad that my wedding dress just sits in the back of my closet.  What have you done with yours??


  1. It would make a beautiful temple dress! I have no idea what to do with mine either - it's ivory so I couldn't turn it into a temple dress.

  2. Fun Valentine's! Emry and Calum are doing the Yoda ones too!!! Thank you Pinterest!!!! Char, the picture of Cora in your wedding dress totally shocked me!! Before we know it she WILL be in a wedding dress actually getting married!!!!! Time goes by way too fast!!

  3. mine sits at the back of the closet also