Monday, February 3, 2014

Super Bowl...Kinda.....K, not really:)

Week Recap
Monday:  I had a fabulous lunch at Natalie's, with her, Mom, and Nicole.  (and Ryan and Ben) Enjoyed spending my birthday with them.  After school Leah made me a cake.  She remembered the eggs just as she was putting it in the oven.  So she pulled it back out and tried to stir them in. Actually worked.
Tuesday: It was New Beginnings.  Leah was so incredibly excited.  She can't wait to go to YWs.  Cora did a really good job of introducing her sister and the Mia Maid program.  She had prepared well.  I am sure it was a wonderful evening, but mid afternoon I got in a really irritable mood.  Haven't been like that since I was probably 14.  EVERYTHING rubbed me the wrong way. I was picking apart everything any one did or said all day.  It was really bad. By the end Dave was laughing at me and I knew I just needed to put myself to bed.
Wednesday:  I woke up much happier
Thursday:  Leah's class was going skiing this day.  We decided to take the other two out of school and all go.  Cora had a game that night and I wasn't sure if she missed school if they would let her play.  I emailed the coach and she said absolutely, family is important.  Then the Principal also called and encouraged me to take her.  They had a great time.  I sat in the lodge.  Still a little nervous to be strapped into boots racing down hills after breaking my ankle.  Dave said the kids are all doing so good it amazes him.  It is not going to be long and they will be skiing the top of the mountain with him. That is what he has been waiting for since we first took Cora 11 years ago.  Cora could do it she is still just a bit nervous and Blake wants to do everything Dad does.  When Dave goes through a steep part, he will look over the edge and think about it.  Quit often he will go for it and does great.  They have all FAR surpassed my skill. We were a little worried about Cora being tired for the game, but she was fine and again played well.
Friday:  My kids had a PD day.  Blake and Leah chose to stay home as Cora and I went grocery shopping.  That evening Cora was babysitting for a family in the ward and Dave and I went to our first High Priest Social.  It's been about 5 years, we figured it was time.
Saturday:  Because Dave had taken Thursday off, I told the kids they needed to work extra hard on the house on Saturday.  It was -20, and we had a lot of heavy hauling.  Everyone stayed right with us and worked hard.  Leah didn't get distracted and did very well.  She cried about being cold and hating it for about a 1/2 hour, but Jared had brought over his Mr. Heater and we turned it on for her to warm up.  She was once again her happy, quirky self.  I sat by it a few times myself.  So thankful Jared brought it over. The kids entertained themselves by quoting the entire movie Frozen.
Sunday:  We had a 'Super Bowl' Party.  We don't watch sports on TV and even if we wanted to we don't have one.  I had seen all these delicious looking things to make for Super Bowl Sunday and came up with a plan.  I had a variety of things to try.  Some we put in the crock-pot, some in the oven, so we could be right ready when we got home.  Then we picked out a football movie.  I had really wanted to watch Rudy, but guess we don't have it.  Our choices where Blind Side and Radio.  The kids had never seen Radio, so Radio is was. We had our Super Bowl spread and our Super Bowl Football Movie.

Our spread consisted of, meatballs, pulled pork sliders, strawberries, apples, 7 layer dip and chips, ham wraps, mini eggs, nibs, and turtle cheesecake cheese ball with chocolate fingers.  I forgot the carrots and had made a really good cookie that has crushed Oreos and white chocolate chips.  But the cookies were sooo good and I made them Thursday, they were long gone by Saturday night.  We had a good time and think I will have to do it again.  I told Dave to make it more authentic we should have discussed the making of the movie and the characters for 2 hours before hand then after the movie we should analyze and think what they could have done different for another 4.  But alas Dave and I had a Family History Fireside to get to and didn't have time.  Other wise for sure:)

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