Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentine's Day

Our Valentine's Day started very early.  I woke up about 2:30 as usual but this time Leah was awake also.  I think she was really excited about her school ski trip and was unable to go back to sleep.  She did get back to sleep around 5 but that is when Dave's alarm went off so I got to stay up:)  We got Leah to the school on time. I was  a little surprised that only Leah, one teacher and one other student had any ski stuff and had been before.  She had a really great time and returned to us safe and sound.  She was a little miffed that she had to take lessons and was the only one in her specific lessons from her school.  Everyone else was in the beginners group. Apparently she took them with a bunch of 16 year old boys.  I thought that was a kinda funny.  When I got into the car to take Leah to the school taped to the steering wheel was a message from Dave.  We have never given each other things for Valentine's Day so I was surprised.  I did the same countdown that I did last year for him, where I sent him a treat and saying everyday.  The message was a start of a treasure hunt.  He is really good at treasure hunts and I had fun searching out the clues. After running Cora and Blake to school I ran and then made dinner for that night.  Dave loves chicken pot pie so I decided to make that for him.
On Sunday we had our ward conference and after had a ward potluck.  My friend Mandy made the most delicious hot fudge sauce I have ever had.  She was ever so kind and gave the recipe to Myrna, Amber, and I.  I had also been really craving a DQ cake lately.  So for dessert I had an ice cream base, Mandy's hot fudge sauce, crushed chocolate wafers and then ice cream again.  It was divine.  I think I liked it better than DQ.  I had to work all day and left instruction to put dinner in the oven with Cora.  When I walked in the door she had the table all set with flowers she had been given at school and a pink table cloth.  We sat down and ate then watched a movie together.
I had a great day and got to spend it with those that I love eating great things.  Thank you Mandy, that hot fudge will forever be known as 'Mandy's Hot Fudge':)


  1. Sounds like the David Puzey family had a delightful Valentines Day. Supper looks yummy and the dessert looks super. I'm not particularly fond of DQ cake but your dessert with Mandys Hot Fudge is one I'd love to try. Can I make a request for sometime when I come to dinner. Is that too forward of me??? Dave told me about the Treasure Hunt. Clever idea and so fun. Love your family. I was so pleasantly surprized when Cora showed up with David to help me with the hand rail!!!!

    1. You can request anything you want, anytime!!!

  2. What a yummy supper! Dessert looks awesome!