Thursday, February 21, 2013

Family Day

The kids are out of school this whole week so our family day 'week' actually started Friday.  Leah had her final basketball tournament.  The last game the kids came together and got what I was trying to say.  We lost by only a little that time.  They were very excited.  We then headed straight out to the Pronghorn game. It was another exciting game.  Number 7 did not disappoint me. (His name is Logan Reiter and from Iron Springs if anyone cares) Such an amazing player. Saturday we went to Champion to stake out our house site and do some fencing.  Sunday after church we watched a movie and headed out to HillSpring.  Dave took the kids skiing Monday and since we were there they didn't have to get up so early.  I stayed at my parents house while they went to Castle.  Monday morning I got up to go for a run.  It was cold and dark and about 20 minutes into it I convinced myself that I was going to get eaten by coyotes. Mom and I tied 3 quilts and then after lunch Natalie showed up with her boys and a little baby she is watching for the week.  She had some projects she wanted some help with and we went through those.  When Dave got back we had dinner and hung out for a while until Dave left to come home.  The next morning we had a great breakfast and mid morning snack.  I made Mom and Natalie walk with me this time.  It is safer in numbers:)  We got some more projects done and some baking.  Natalie and Dad took Colton to the clinic in Pincher and we stayed to be with the kids.  We got them all bundled up and sent them out in the snow with bottles of dyed water.  My parents had a lot of snow and the kids loved 'painting' in the snow.  Ryan was very excited about it.  I think he had the most fun of all.  After dinner I packed up my stuff and came back home.  We have a few more things planned the the rest of the week and will see how they pan out.  They have been good this week off and have been enjoying each others company.  I am not sure why but I just really felt like I needed to keep my kids close this week.  I work all day today and tomorrow and have got them several things to do while I am away.  It is nice to have a break from school once in a while.

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  1. How great your kids had the whole week off. We only had Thursday Friday of last week for Teacher's Convention and then Monday for Family Day! Enjoy the rest of your week!