Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out and About and Home Again

Last week Blake wanted to know how to change the background wallpaper of my computer.  So I randomly picked this picture and look how cute.  They were so young and fresh faced.  No glasses or braces.  They were a little sun kissed and happy.  I love this picture.

Blake was invited to a birthday party this week.  For the activity, instead of renting the bowling alley or a movie the mom rented a limo.  They all got picked up from school and drove around for an hour.  I guess it was a blast.  I did feel bad for the limo driver:)

After much research on Pinterest this is what Blake made to give out for Valentine's day.  There were so many cute ideas but none very appropriate for boys to give boys.  My favorite was a drawing of a mason jar and then you taped a plastic bug on it and said 'Happy Valentine Love Bug'  I thought boys would love bugs.  I am going to see if next year I can think of a good saying to use that anyways.  Dave suggested 'you don't bug me at all':)

Cora's final basketball tournament was this weekend.  They placed fourth.  The last couple of weeks the team has really come together.  They are using each other, passing, and playing as a team.  It was really great to see.  They won Friday, but Saturday morning was a very disappointing game.  The score keepers put up 2 extra points on the other teams board.  I watched them do it but when we tried to get it changed they didn't listen.  Another team was watching and they told us what happened.  We said we knew but they wouldn't change it.  Then after the game parents that had been sitting on the other side asked us why they had added the 2 point.  The dad I was sitting beside tried to tell the scorekeepers what happened and was threatened to get thrown out.  We lost by 2.  Very frustrating.  We may have got our butts kicked in overtime but if we won we would have gone to zones.

I made this scripture bag for Blake.  I thought about how I would do it and planned it all out.  But when it came right down to it, it was far beyond my sewing ability.  Just made it through and I don't plan to ever do one again.  There was a bit of unpicking and some mistakes that I just didn't care about at the end.  He likes it and that is what matters.

This week we have Leah's final basketball tournament.  Then our lives should settle down a bit.  It has been a great season and we have loved every minute of it.  Cora says she can't wait to play next year.  YIPEEEEE!!!!

Through my friend Christal Bevans I found this scripture study called 'Armor Your Children'  We started about a week ago and I love it. It is one short scripture that you read to your kids and then discuss it.  Your kids then have something specific to think about all day.  One day was kindness, one forgiveness etc.  Sometimes we discuss on the way to school and sometimes at home depending on the time we have.  This has been a great addition to our regular scripture reading and I was thinking if you aren't in that habit yet or if your kids are small it is a great start.  It takes so little time and makes them think.  If you are interested just google 'Armor Your Children' and print off the guideline.  


  1. I love that picture too! They look so young. I am going to check out that scripture study to do with Liam.

  2. Sweet picture of your kids! It's awesome your girls are enjoying their basketball season - so fun!!

  3. That is a really great picture and I love Dave's saying, it's funny!!!