Thursday, February 14, 2013

Basketball Winddown

Leah has been having a lot of fun this year at basketball.  She is actually pretty good.  Her team has not won one game yet. I know why but when I try to tell them what to do I only have 4 out of 10 kids that listen.  Everyone wants to take the ball down, everyone wants to dribble, and everyone wants to shoot.   I will seriously sometimes have all 5 players under the opponents basket for a pass in saying 'Give it to me, give it to me'.  Then they all follow the person down saying 'Pass it here'. I don't know they think is going to be under the basket.  And lots of over the head backwards lobs.  No chest pass or bounce pass.  The other team gets it every time.  Really I don't know why they should listen to me, I am only the coach:)
Cora has been my assistant coach.  After two practices Dave decided that the kids were too annoying and didn't want to help anymore.  Despite all the frustration I do enjoy it.  Anything to do with basketball is great.  I think next year I would request not to be Leah's coach. She has some potential there but am afraid anything I do will come across as favoring her.  She actually plays a little less then all her teammates.  She is great at defense and rebounds.
The final tournament is on Friday, then we are going straight into the last Pronghorn game at 8 (anybody want to come along?)  After that our basketball season will be done. I'm little sad:(

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