Monday, February 4, 2013


Cora's tournament was cancelled this weekend.  Due to a JV tournament and to many injuries on her team they would have only had 4 players.  So Dave decided to take us all to a U of L Pronghorn game.  We have been talking about putting Cora in a basketball camp this summer for a while and we thought it would be good for her to see them play. (Since the players put on the camp)  It was absolutely fascinating. Very close game but we won in the end.  Exciting.  A great game to take the kids to.  Blake got a few shots in during half time.  He had a fun time.  He was really cheering the team on.  Leah loved it and was cheering with Blake.  Cora was amazed.  Such good ball.  She was watching how they passed and used all of the team.  She kept saying, "I wish my team would do that"  Number 7 was my favorite player.  He looked short out there but when we looked it up he was 6 foot.  I guess when everyone around you is over 6'5" that is what happens.  He was so quick and really aware of all his team mates.  He had a lot of really fabulous moves.  Cora is very excited to go to basketball camp now.  I hope the timing works and we can do it.  After we took them out for donuts and hot chocolate.

Obviously not at the basketball game.:)  It was Cora's turn to go to the farm on Saturday.  She is such a good worker.  Everyday she amazes me with her willingness.  She will often see that something needs to be done and just does it.  She only avoids vacuuming because she hates it.  She is also the only one of my kids that really WANTS to move to the farm.  But she will really miss Meghan.  I think she will be able to keep in contact with her.  She is much better at that then both Dave and I.


  1. What a fun family activity - I remember many U of L basketball games in my single adult days - good times!

  2. I would love to go to a game again!! Maybe when my kids are older. Liam had an awesome time with Cora the other night. He is still talking about it. I hope he didn't tire her out too much!!

  3. Who took the picture of your family sitting in the bleachers? I am thinking maybe Dave just put his arm way out but Im not sure!! Anyway, it looks like it was a lot of fun!