Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Easter Continues

After being on the road so long it was time to do some laundry.  I have always loved helping my grandma hang up and take in her laundry from the line.  Because of this I have plans for one if I ever build a house.  The day that we did our laundry I took mine and Natalie's jeans outside and hung them on the line.
One of my favorite memories in Vernal is sitting on this mushroom, that is what I always called it I don't know what Grandma called it, and watching my Grandpa Southam shave.  He had the neatest old shaver.  It was a small bowl type thing that had a brush that he would work the soap into bubbles and circle spread all over his face.  I would sit and watch him and talk to him every morning that we were there.
Everybody got a box with their name on it.  If Grandma wasn't taking something they would see who wanted it.  If a couple of people did, then their names would go in a bowl and they would draw for it.  I thought it was a really good system. 
One of the last nights there was a box of clothes that my mom and her sisters had made and worn while they were growing up.  I was so excited to sit and watch them go through that box.  The 'oh, I remember that' and 'did you wear that' was just as fun as I had hoped.  Crazy enough it is all back in style now and so Natalie and Katherine got a few new clothes.  They gave me some wacky dresses everyone thought Cora would like.
This is the Vernal Temple.  I have a picture of my Grandpa and Grandma Southam with Dave and I in this exact spot 13 1/2 years ago.  We went down just a couple of months before we got engaged.  Dave always loved my Grandpa Southam.
A better view from the back.  The sun is not glaring.
My mom often talked about the 'basement house' that she lived in for a while.  On Sunday we drove around Vernal.  Mom had a lot of pictures that she wanted me to take of places she remembers.  We went to the temple, my Great-Grandma Manwaring's, (This had changed so much it was sad.  The apple orchard is gone and the house isn't really being taken cared for.) We saw my Great-Grandma Southam's, my Grandpa's grave. (I didn't make it to the funeral, I had been there a couple month before he passed and wasn't able to go again so soon.) And I finally saw this basement house.  Doesn't that look like a great place.

Sunday my cousin Ben and his family made a special trip over to say good-bye to us.  We thought that was really nice.  I like his wife a lot and really wish that they would visit us in Canada.  But I do know how hard the trip is to make.  I would love to have Katherine come also, we had a great time with her.  The last morning we ran back to Grandma's to do a quick spruce up before we left.  Hanging in the laundry room were these three hats from my Grandpa.  Grandma let us each have one.  Aren't we pretty??  Remember we had been cleaning all morning.  
My Grandma Southam and I.
We then loaded up again and headed back to Provo to have lunch with Taylor and Kristin.  Dad had to literally climb on top of the car and pack this every time we loaded up.  With all the stuff in there it got pretty tight, but Dad managed every time.  Even after we had done some shopping:)
My mom loves Brick Oven.  We made it just in time for lunch.  We then ran a few errands for Natalie. Taylor is a realtor in the Salt Lake area which was really handy.  He knows all the short cuts and construction zones.  We just followed him around.
My Dad had heard of the building of the City Creek Mall in Salt Lake and wanted to go see it.  This thing was amazing.  Blocks wide with sky bridges, and a water park in the middle for the kids.  It lines right up with the temple.  You can see it inside the mall a couple of places.  It was all open and it was a beautiful day.  We started to wonder what they did in the winter, so mom asked.  They whole thing gets covered with glass and is heated.  It was amazing.  I got this shot of the Micheal Kors store for Cora.  She loved watching Project Runway.
After the mall we headed to the Gardner's home.  He was a missionary companion with my dad.  They were so very friendly and welcoming.  When they found out that we were going to load up our car and go from hotel to hotel the next couple of night they asked us to please stay there.  They were leaving and still didn't care if we stayed.  It was very nice of them and they had great toys for Natalie's boys.  We did a bit of shopping and I tried some restaurants that I had heard my family talk about.  Cafe Rio, very yummy, I defiantly want to go again.  And Texas Roadhouse, also very worth it.  We met up with Taylor and Kristin each day and it was nice to spend time with them.  Again to be continued......


  1. It sounds like you had such a great trip Char! How fun to spend time with your family. Did your mom really live in that "basement house"? Is that what it looked like when she lived there? Good grief! Looking forward to part 3!

  2. Connie was telling us how amazing the mall was!

  3. It looks like you guys had such a good time. I remember all those Pictures you took it was fun to look at them.:)

  4. OH BROTGHER. Just love the girl in the green suit! Every thing else I loved about this entry. Just reading it reminds me how fun it was to have you all there.