Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Soccer Has Begun

We signed Blake up for soccer again this year.  I am not sure this was the wisest move. He just loves to run with his friends, chat, and drink Gatorade on the blanket.  It is a little frustrating to watch when he doesn't seem to care.  I should probably go out and practice with him.

Usually with Southern Alberta soccer no matter how nice a day it is, during soccer you are freezing.  I am most likely zipped into a sleeping bag with my coat, sweater, hat, and gloves.  Wow!! Visions of my mom at football just flashed through my head. Last night actually stayed warm.  I didn't even need my sweater.  Sweet!!

He needs something to do that is his own and they don't have baseball here.  He is to young for basketball that is offered so so far soccer it is.  He seems to like going out and enjoys his coach and team mates.

I have been wanting to try starfruit for some time now.  I finally pick one up the other day.  I had to look up how to cut and eat it.  I really didn't know anything about it.  When all was said and done, no one liked it. But I was glad that every person at least tried it.  I told the kids know if they ever get asked if they like starfruit they can say, no thank you, instead of , I  have no idea:)

Cora has really improved in her grades this last report card.  She started struggling in school right from the beginning.  In Grade 3 we finally took her to Sylvan.  After almost a year we decided that the payments and driving all the time were way more than we could handle and she wasn't getting better.  She has been through many assessment tests at school. With lots of extra reading help and PAL programs. In Grade 6 she got better grades after they started giving her a reader and a writer for every test.  We knew the knowledge was there, she just couldn't get it out.  One of her teachers said she was like a artist, with so much creativity and so much color there was just a glass wall blocking the brush from the canvas.  Everyone kept telling me she was smart, which I already knew, they just didn't know what to do to help her. This year she started out doing better than ever before.  She was on the Honorable Mention Roll with a 77.4% average.  A guy at work told Dave about SuccessMaker and we signed her up for that.  Yesterday we got her report card home.  She now has an 81.4% average and is on the official Honor Roll.  We are so proud that she seems to have broken through that barrier and is accomplishing so much.


  1. We started soccer again last night as well. We are three nights a week with both boys. It was too hard for me to move students so Jason has committed to take them - yippee!!

    Good for Cora, that is so awesome!!

  2. We put both of our boys in baseball through the Lethbridge SW league. We do have to drive into Lethbridge for the games but most are on the west side so its not too bad. They love it! I find its more structured and there are more rules in baseball than soccer. Its still painful at times though. Its hard to remember their young and just learning.