Thursday, April 19, 2012

Final Easter Post

The first two days that I was gone the kids had to get themselves to and from school. (I left a camera with them).  Dave took right over and did a great job.  He did things that he has never done before, like contacting parents about parties and getting snacks for school.  I had said I would bring cupcakes for Leah's class Easter party, then my parents decided to leave a day early.  Cora and Leah ended up making them for school.  I dyed the coconut and made the icing before I left, Cora made the cupcakes and the girls put them together.  I think they did a great job.  Dave really enjoyed spending the one on one time with the kids, he took them swimming and just spent time with them that he doesn't usually get to.

It was Leah's birthday while I was away. I felt really bad about that.  She had a great birthday.  I left one special gift for Cora to hand her when she woke up.  A pair of pink butterfly earrings that she had wanted.

Dave took the kids out to eat at Tony Roma's.  Leah had a birthday certificate there. Cora has good photo ideas.  I really like this one in the glass:)

Cora had been on Pinterest with me and had seen a bunch of Easter place card ideas.  We called Grandma to see if she could make some for Easter dinner.  These are the one she chose to make.  We had a log out back that Dave cut and then she did the rest.

Cora and Amber did an Easter egg hunt for all the kids on Sunday.  Amber got the treats and my kids have been raving about them ever since.  I guess the amount of candy was 'awesome'.  They also went on another one at Amber's mom's house.  Her mom, Debbie, is great.  She has taken my kids swimming and on this hunt. Whenever my kids are at the farm she included them in whatever her grand kids are doing.

Sunday night the kids stayed at Myrna, since Dave had to be at work.  She kept them for the whole week and Dave picked them up Friday.  They had such a good time out there.  I know they played a lot and tried Zumba with Grandma.  Cora said she felt stupid because she couldn't do it, so she only stayed part way.  After Dave picked them up they went shopping and cleaned the house to get all ready for me to get home.  Thank you so much to Myrna and Dave for taking care of my kids.  They had so much fun and I did not worry about them at all.  I worried that they might be bugging people but not about there safety:)  Myrna read scriptures with my kids everyday.  Leah did FHE while she was out there.  Blake was so proud he kept telling me 'Grandma was so impressed with my scripture reading.  I know lots of big words.'  It was a wonderful Easter break all around.


  1. It was so much fun having them out at the farm for the week! There was not even one fight between any of them! And it was terrific for me because Cora and Leah always took Armin and included him in whatever they were doing! You have wonderful kids Char, they are really well behaved and so kind to others! I am glad you had fun and that you didn't have to worry about your kids at all! I would keep them for a week anytime!

  2. That is so great! I love the place cards. Your kids are growing up Char